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direct response

  1. Lex DeVille

    Free Copywriting Reviews - Click Here

    Someone asked for a copy review. Thought we'd give it a shot. If you're learning copywriting, and you want my thoughts, reply. I'll write something up, and post it in this thread. It's risky of course. You'll have to put yourself out there. But you'll get my feedback. Just don't send 4,000 word...
  2. Taykamant

    EXECUTION Copywriting Success: Robo's Story of Studies & Execution

    Hello, guys. My name's Robo, and I was on this forum a long time ago. I was battling something with the symptoms of depression and anxiety; the illness is difficult to explain to a psychiatrist, so I'm not going to bother with explaining to you. Just know that I'm mostly medicated, I'm making...
  3. 100k

    Calling all copywriters!

    I'm working on a little project and I need your help! Help me turn this short copy from average to AMAZING! Do not have any cash to offer you; but if you are feeling generous and have a little bit of time, why not exercise your copywriting muscle a bit and see what you can come up with. Need...
  4. arfadugus

    I have 25,000 mailers. Copywriter trying to gain more clients.

    Hey guys. Anyone here reached out to businesses through the mail before? I have 25,000 9" x 6.5" Urgent mailers that are bright yellow with two red stripes. I was wondering if I could take advantage of them somehow. Tips to ship in bulk cheaply? Where do I find 25,000 businesses to send them to...
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