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Copywriting Success: Robo's Story of Studies & Execution

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Hello, guys. My name's Robo, and I was on this forum a long time ago. I was battling something with the symptoms of depression and anxiety; the illness is difficult to explain to a psychiatrist, so I'm not going to bother with explaining to you. Just know that I'm mostly medicated, I'm making positive changes in my life, and I've been moving in a positive direction in the past month at least. I do myself a lot of good.

My core goal currently is to study as much advertising and copywriting as possible -- I want to become a freelance direct response copywriter. I'm not going to pick a niche yet, and I'm not going to pick my lambo's color just yet (but more on that later).

I will be sharing my blog posts on here (if permitted), and I will be sharing my successes and failures.

So far, I've only written one blog post, which is a memorandum for the book "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins, and I want your feedback on my writing, the blog itself, and I want to know what new could I learn.

I've had clients invite me to work on UpWork, but the last hopeful client fell through, even after I gave him tips on how to improve before any payment was set. I've followed up with him today, but the response times are usually slow.

Here's the blog post I was talking about: Robo’s Summaries: “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins

I'm planning on creating a new site, and hosting WordPress on that site, as soon as I can afford to. I don't know how important this is, but I'd say it's on the lowest of my priorities for making actual money -- I just want a nice site.
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I've been away and hacking up work for a client I've made. The offer was to give him a free sample of my work, and then we could work on it from there. But my client had a change of heart mid-deal and decided I'm the right guy for him. He made it $150 for 2k words of copy + a sales page + a product page.

I'm not exactly excited by an offer like this. But listen. He has also promised to take me to Serbia, Belgrade for the European WordCamp conference, all expenses paid by him. I don't know whether that was a part of his deal or not.

In addition to that, I'll be paid 10% of his profits of the month after my work is completely for my future projects.

Currently dealing with physical illness. My throat is messed up. Have to take antibiotics. But I'm getting better.


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Oct 3, 2015
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Just a tip for ya, some people lie to get what they want. If what they want is cheap labor, they may be inclined to weave tails of future payouts for a discount here in the now. I'm not saying that he is certainly lying, as I don't have the details, but an expense paid trip and 10% of profits sounds a little too good to be true, hence I'm skeptical.

Bright side is that you've validated you can go to the market and get money from people in exchange for your work. That's worth far more than a trip to the WordCamp conference.

Go out and do it a few more times, and you'll have yourself a business.


Bright side is that you've validated you can go to the market and get money from people in exchange for your work.

My copywriting friends have actually persuaded me to "be done" with this specific client, as he was ripping me off with the price tag. Good thing is, he's actually a pretty cool dude, and so far we're still on good terms. He has told me he'll pay me a meak $30 for all the research and work I've done for him. I guess, good for me that I'll be able to quit without complications.

Moving on. I'm putting my mental and physical health as priorities right now. There are a lot of changes coming into my life currently. New medication, new laptop, possibly a new living space, and most importantly a new self that's more professional and calm.

I've started understanding that I have to take all of my freelance work extremely seriously. I have to be professional, and I have to be a "businessman" of some sort. I'm not spending my free time with these people, but I'm trying to give value and get value in return for it.

On my check-list:
- Get well physically.
- Deal with medication changes.
- Figure out how self-employment taxation works.
- Figure out what contracts are and how they work.
- Build a new "persona." As currently I don't have much to show. I'll probably do some spec work and self-writing for this one.
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