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  1. Young Money

    I violated CENTS and my business failed..

    My first product failed and I lost a lot of money on it. Now I’m looking back at what went wrong to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes for the new business I’m starting. Well, all I really had to do was a CENTS analysis and it became clear very fast! First Business (Amazon FBA Product)...
  2. ryjohn829

    Does this go against the commandment of CONTROL?

    I’m starting my first fastlane Bussiness, a product based service that solves a certain problem in the chewing gum industry. (I will update my forum with more information on this project soon) I need gum base and we have been trying to make our own for weeks with all kinds of crazy ingredients...
  3. Drive2Riches

    EXECUTION Primary vendor raising its costs by 150% forces innovation (command of Control)

    Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be looking around for how I can eliminate my reliance on this particular vendor. For about three years, the service they provided me with has been a perfect fit for my system, a perfect cog in my business wheel. They wrote that they're raising my cost per...
  4. spreng

    a lesson about control from my 9-5

    Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I work in Software sales as an SDR, I essentially build pipeline through outbound activity (cold calling). A couple weeks ago they changed our commission structure so that deals that don't close by the 30th won't yield commission. And our sales...
  5. Jeff Noel

    Huawei : How lack of Control hits hard on a bigger scale.

    Huawei got hit by Trump's banhammer. A lot of people are putting the fault on Google (it's not Google's fault). Here are the facts: -Android is Open Source. Huawei will keep access to latest updates, they just won't have access to Google softwares (It has been said Huawei would keep access to...
  6. M

    GOLD! Is CENTS Destructive to Action?

    Over the years I've read thousands of introductions here. A common thread I've seeing follows the following format: A) I have 3 ideas, X,Y, and Z. B) None of them meet CENTS. C) X is missing entry, Y is missing scale, and Z is missing a mix of both. D) I don't know what to do. The end result...
  7. luniac

    Another "Control" example

    so its 1 hour before end of my shift, im getting ready to GTFO, and then I check my email.... google play calmly unpublishes most of my apps lol just like that for some new violation that yesterday wasn't a violation. if u aint got control, never get too comfortable.
  8. Mainstream7

    Things you can control and things you can´t control

    I´ve been reading some stoic philosophy and one of the principles is, there are things we can control and some things we can´t control. It is better to focus on things we can control. I.e. -doing our best to solve the problem -developing the product to the best of our ability -gaining more...
  9. Dave Daily

    Gary Vee Talks Law of Control

    I’m 48, older than many of you here. In my mind, I’ve got 5 to 10 years to build my Fastlane. In thinking about my strengths in the context of problems I’d like to help solve with a fastlane business, I am grateful to @MJ DeMarco for giving us the CENTS framework to help us think through our...
  10. M

    GOLD! The CENTS Business Commandments for Entrepreneurs

    Thought I'd start a thread based upon the CENTS Business Commandments found in The Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED, just in case someone searches for it by search engine. Since this concept is covered in both books, I don't think I ever posted an "official" thread on the topic. It would be...
  11. Sascha Venus

    Does Wordpress violate the Control commandment?

    I'm seriously thinking about if a Wordpress website violates Control? I have never seen or heard of a Wordpress website myself which was turned down by Wordpress and therefore the income stream of the owner. Also, I've never paid Wordpress any penny so far when building profitable websites. I...
  12. Fred Chevry

    This is what happens when you violate the commandment of CONTROL :\

    So this dude from my home town got very popular on YouTube a couple years ago and has been able to grow enough to make a living only from his channel, which is actually a very rare occurrence despite of what many of them try to make their viewers believe. Today he showed in his most recent...
  13. amp0193

    NOTABLE! [STEP BY STEP] How I Got Picked Up by 5 U.S. Sales Reps… With 6 Hours of Work

    I stepped up my wholesale game this month in a big way. I’m leveraging the time and connections of showrooms and sales reps to get my product distributed into retail stores. This Thread is For: People with products/brands selling only on Amazon/ecommerce, who want to expand offline. People...
  14. PTP

    You Just Lost Your Rights On Shopify

    There was a notice on my shopify store today saying that the terms of using shopify have been updated as of 4/3/17. Upon closer inspection, I noticed there is now a "Shopify Rights" section. The first right of shopify is the following gem: We reserve the right to modify or terminate the...
  15. AlphaWulf

    I've lost Control...

    This is killing me... I've always tried to make sure to keep in control of my business and this morning woke up to terrifying news. My whole internet business is now at a standstill! Every single webpage, landing page, video hosting page, is all on clickfunnels. Their service has been down...

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