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  1. BlackMagician

    It's NOT about money. It's about Freedom & Control

    Woke up today at 8am, without alarm. The first thing I saw was my 7 months old son smiling at me and sucking my shirt. What a wonderful start. Slowly the day started. The giggling of my son, my wife calling me, hugging me and saying sweet words in the first 30 mins of my day. My parents and...
  2. circleme

    Disregarded Control in CENTS. The consequences.

    This post is for anyone who wants to ignore Control in CENTS in their Fastlane business, like I did. I've been in my fastlane for several months now and have/had a few hurdles to overcome. A few skillset hurdles, but above all a lot of mental hurdles. Procrastination, self-doubt, lack of...
  3. Gepi

    I Need Your Advice! Want to Slowly Gain More C in CENTS

    Ok peeps. I need your advice. I have been slowly but steadily building an online presence with 3D design courses on Skillshare and Youtube tutorials over the past few years. Also see progress thread here. The topic of this thread: Now that I published my latest Blender 3D sculpting class and...
  4. M

    Can a Youtube channel be a good business in spite of the lack of control?

    I'm reaching out to you today with a question and the hope of some advice and perspective. Lately I've been thinking about creating a YouTube channel and getting started with a "content-system" business model. I am very excited about the idea of helping others improve their skills and initiate...
  5. bpere11

    Question for MJ DeMarco

    Hey MJ, In 'The Millionaire Fastlane', you write about the risks, downsides and perils of "hitchhiking" on someone else's business. I understand that it's not wise to ride on the coat tails of someone else's business as it means you're at their mercy and they can change the rules or switch...
  6. M

    Does a service business violate the rule of Control?

    According to Millionaire Fastlane, you want to CONTROL your business asset. Without it, you're just an operator working for the business. Makes sense (or is it CENTS? :) ). And yet, if you're working on a service business like an ad agency or web design business, you run into customers that...
  7. grosyek23

    Need some Advice/Ideas to gain control

    So, i just read the chapter about "Control" and i realised that i rely to much on youtube. I can't figure out how i could gain more control of my business instead of just relying on youtube. Thanks for any advice.

    Control > ENTS

    a Twitter tool making $1M+ ARR was recently shut off overnight by their API overlord: Access has since been restored, but this serves as yet another reminder to never have your business lie solely in the hands of any: - API - License agreement - Affiliate merchant - eCommerce platform/vendor...
  9. danbucknam

    I had a successful fish oil for dogs on Amazon.

    Hello All, I had a successful Fish Oil for Dogs product on Amazon. The problem of the business is it violated the C in cents. Amazon had control of my business and success. I am skilled in Graphic Design, Product photography, and WordPress. I am interested in owning an unscripted business at...
  10. K1 Lambo

    Andrew Tate Banned? A prime example of the Commandment of Control

    HOT! IDEA 
    Good day fellas, I just wanted to share this important lesson with you. Recently, a guy named Andrew Tate got banned from all social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and FB. And the guy had a huge reach. He had two big YouTube channels like TateSpeech(with about 770k subscribers)...
  11. Shehzan lahori

    Do you think Youtube breaks The Commandment of Entry?

    Give reason to your answer
  12. L

    You always give up a piece of control with an internet business, don't you?

    Hey, in the book "The Milionars Fastlane" one capital is about the control you should always have yourself. But if you build a website, for example, through WordPress, then you also give up control there, because you give WordPress the power. And then with traffic, you don't always have the...
  13. Young Money

    I violated CENTS and my business failed..

    My first product failed and I lost a lot of money on it. Now I’m looking back at what went wrong to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes for the new business I’m starting. Well, all I really had to do was a CENTS analysis and it became clear very fast! First Business (Amazon FBA Product)...
  14. ryjohn829

    Does this go against the commandment of CONTROL?

    I’m starting my first fastlane Bussiness, a product based service that solves a certain problem in the chewing gum industry. (I will update my forum with more information on this project soon) I need gum base and we have been trying to make our own for weeks with all kinds of crazy ingredients...
  15. Drive2Riches

    Primary vendor raising its costs by 150% forces innovation (command of Control)

    Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be looking around for how I can eliminate my reliance on this particular vendor. For about three years, the service they provided me with has been a perfect fit for my system, a perfect cog in my business wheel. They wrote that they're raising my cost per...
  16. Doctor.IM

    Opinions Needed - Email Marketing Agency

    Hi Guys, I'm about to launch and fully focus on a brand new venture, on which I'd love to have some opinions about. It'll be a performance-based email marketing agency for e-commerce owners on the FR market. Why Email Marketing ? My core skills are Amazon and Email marketing. As it has been...
  17. spreng

    a lesson about control from my 9-5

    Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I work in Software sales as an SDR, I essentially build pipeline through outbound activity (cold calling). A couple weeks ago they changed our commission structure so that deals that don't close by the 30th won't yield commission. And our sales...
  18. Jeff Noel

    Huawei : How lack of Control hits hard on a bigger scale.

    Huawei got hit by Trump's banhammer. A lot of people are putting the fault on Google (it's not Google's fault). Here are the facts: -Android is Open Source. Huawei will keep access to latest updates, they just won't have access to Google softwares (It has been said Huawei would keep access to...
  19. MJ DeMarco

    Is CENTS Destructive to Action?

    Over the years I've read thousands of introductions here. A common thread I'm seeing follows the following format: A) I have 3 ideas, X,Y, and Z. B) None of them meet CENTS. C) X is missing entry, Y is missing scale, and Z is missing a mix of both. D) I don't know what to do. The end result...
  20. luniac

    Another "Control" example

    so its 1 hour before end of my shift, im getting ready to GTFO, and then I check my email.... google play calmly unpublishes most of my apps lol just like that for some new violation that yesterday wasn't a violation. if u aint got control, never get too comfortable.