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content marketing

  1. Evelio

    The Hook and Hold Marketing Loophole - The Psychology Trick That Keeps Prospects CRAVING More...

    The Hook and Hold Marketing Loophole - The Psychology Trick That Keeps Prospects CRAVING More... In 1927, a psychiatrist named Bluma Zeiganik discovered something about the human mind that has created literal billionaires. I call it the Hook-and-Hold Marketing Loophole (or Zeigarnik...
  2. KushShah9492

    Huge win! First step towards making my fastlane dream a reality.

    Hey everyone. It's been a long time since I posted something in here. Heck, a long time since I even logged in. Just wanted to share a quick win: Next month, I will have made $25k total from my writing endeavors alone. For context, I have been in the writing game for 6-8 months now...
  3. Hassassin

    Hassassin's ecommerce journey

    I'm finally kicking off a serious D2C e-commerce project with me and my wife and I'm calling it "project Brandkenstein." Without giving too much away, it's in the women's accessories/fashion (kind of) space and caters to the British-Asian demographic here in the UK. The idea surfaced from her...
  4. B

    $100k/mo From YouTube

    Hello and welcome to the world of YouTube. Where internet money is 24/7 ESPECIALLY when it's on the world's 2nd largest search engine. Vision: To create 1 YouTube channel that each averages 1 million+ views per week. Goal: $100k/mo (combined from AdSense, physical product offers, and...
  5. M

    To DIY Content Marketing or Hire?

    Hi Fastlaners! I've been growing my business for 5 years and haven't done much content marketing. I'm now starting to develop the content side of things. There are many business people who advise me to DIY content at least to get started, and their reason is that nobody would be able to write...
  6. CharlyRabbit

    I'm building a tool to make brands viral without paying ads

    Hello I’m Charly The Rabbit and this is my journey as an Indie Maker. Indie Maker: Person building a software idea that can generate revenue. The Project (Work in progress) Viral Quotes ( will allows small business owners to viralize their brands without paying ads What...
  7. peterb0yd

    Epic Resources For Content Marketing (Blogging)

    While working on marketing for my startup idea, I've come across some phenomenal resources for content marketing, specifically blogging. Some of you working on promotion through blogging will find this useful. Here is an e-book written by Priceonomics, a company that started blogging to promote...
  8. Phikey

    Ecom Youtube Challenge - Building a channel with 120 videos in 120 days

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Ok I've been planning this challenge for the last 3 weeks and I'm finally doing it. @Fox pointed me in the right direction with a course on Youtube SEO and now I'm taking the dive. Here's a summary of it before I get into the details: Post a piece of content every single day for 120 days (in...
  9. MTF

    Grow Your Business With a Book (An Unorthodox Marketing Strategy That Built One of the Largest Real Estate Companies in the World)

    Are you looking for a new, lesser-known but potentially very lucrative source of leads to your business? Would you like to build authority in your niche, develop new relationships, get press mentions, paid speaking gigs, or consulting contracts? Do you want to have a high-value gift for your...
  10. Robin Andrews

    How long before I see Progress?

    I've been working seriously for about 4 months on my business, which is in the Computer Science education space. Apart from probably tangentially helping me to land a bit of work by providing authority in the eyes of prospective clients, I have yet to see much tangible progress. I have written...
  11. BigDaddyKane

    My process of selling a product online. Brand from the mind to reality.

    Ok let’s get started. I’ve been a member of this forum as far back as I can remember. High school in-fact (2011). And I’m happy to say that there's a reason I’m still here - the principles and frameworks I’ve learned here have molded me. Shoutout MJ. Now, there’s a dichotomy in me saying this...
  12. M

    Finding Your Dream Clients - Youtube Pilot

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone remembers me around here. It's been awhile. Docu-series for freelancers, agency owners, and anyone in the creative biz. View: Also, a special challenge for those wanting to step up their content marketing game. Let me know if the...
  13. Saavik

    [Progress] Replacing freelance income with agency profits

    Hi all, in this thread, I am going to track progress towards my 2019 goal: Increasing my agency revenue from currently 3k (average of last quarter 2018) to 15k. In my model calculations, this number should result in sufficient profits for me to give up personal freelancing and live off of my...
  14. Varun

    How do you build trust in content marketing?

    Hello everyone, It is said that trust is the highest form of motivation. Customers won't really click the affiliate link until they trust the website. I make sure that I put in as much as possible quality in my articles and I am honest about whatever I write(3 up, working on the 4th. Average...
  15. Varun

    Looking for feedback if you have time(content marketing)

    Hi, I've started a website with content-based affiliate marketing as the goal. Very bare bones as of now, only have 2 articles published. The first thing I'm aiming for is to get enough content there in the first place. Once I get traffic I'll add affiliate links. Please give me some feedback...
  16. E

    Looking for Great Content Writer & Social Media Guru for Growing Website

    I manage a newly launched, but growing travel/community site and I am looking for someone who is good at social media marketing and content writing to join me in my aim to create a successful, lucrative business out of it. As I am just getting the site off the ground, the budget is very limited...
  17. Dan Willis

    Is your content marketing strategy converting?

    Is your content marketing strategy booming? If not this simple shift could make a huge difference!
  18. Danweebly

    Is This Still a Viable Fastlane Road?

    I coined this phrase from TMF: "Content-based models are online news magazines and blogs that disseminate information to a particular niche or industry. These services provide content for free consumption and sell advertising to parties who want to reach those eyeballs. My Fastlane Forum can be...
  19. drleeds

    48 years old finished Unscripted and sad.

    I am a little sad after finishing the book. Maybe it's because the book is aimed at younger people and I am already close to 50. I am a family doctor in Florida. About two years ago, I quit my two jobs and dropped out of traditional medicine. By traditional, I mean the typical busy clinic where...
  20. Daniel Budai

    Best ways to find first marketing agency clients?

    Hi everyone, I really know this topic is overtalked, however, I'd like to ask for the help of experienced business owners in this. I'm starting my content marketing agency now ( > my apologies if it's not allowed to share this here) and want to get my first clients (my first...