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  1. Jonathan95

    What is the best way to improve my confidence?

    I have social issues whenever I am around a lot of people. What can I do to be more confident and feel more accepted around people?
  2. Johnny boy

    GOLD! 1,986 words on happiness, clarity, speed, introversion, attachment and confidence

    All that matters in life is that we are happy with it. After all, who did we build big businesses, amass fortunes, and live so extravagantly for in the first place? If it was for others, our own happiness was never pursued. If we happen to be content, it is only out of circumstance and not out...
  3. mpcharles

    EXECUTION Starting my business today.

    Hi All, In this thread I will be chronicling my startup journey of my business that I am about to create. Here is my intro thread : INTRO - Let's try this again. I am currently not working for the last 6 months having had a f*ck you event in my life. I have now rested and am ready to begin...
  4. SteveO

    Don't tell me what to do

    This got me into a lot of trouble early in life. At least it seemed to. I had a troubled childhood with my family subsisting on welfare, an extremely mentally ill mother, and a father that was not around. Most people have the ability to defend themselves with words. I was not able to...
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