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commandment of control

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    Netflix v Apple: A great story about leverage, control, short- vs long-term planning... Basically Netflix had to make a decision, and a very mathematical one at that, to discontinue new subscribers via their iOs apps. As such, it prevented Apple from siphoning a huge...
  2. MTF

    RANT Can You Escape the Giants in an Online Business?

    Virtually every online business model I analyzed recently relies to a large extent on one of the giants: Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Apple. It seems like with each year it's getting harder and harder not to base your online business on one of the big companies. Just to give a few examples...
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    Commandment of Control: Instagram kills Meme accounts, teen loses income overnight

    History always repeats... Get your income from ONE SOURCE, ONE CHANNEL, ONE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM (like a job) and one day you might find yourself fired. Instagram’s purge of accounts cost this teenager his sole income of $4,000-a-month Thankfully the teen is young and he isn't supporting a...

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