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  1. Joker_P5R

    Sometimes, and somewhere, getting a job is REALLY BETTER than build any kind of business…

    Hello to all, The thread title is purposely provocative. I would like to write a post, maybe long and a little heavy, but that I would, selfishly, become a brainstorming corner on a topic that often divides. I read the story of @Axe ; beautiful and I want to congratulate him most sincerely...
  2. rafalstepien

    Exploring the needs - brainstorm

    Hi all, This post is my first real interaction with the forum, so it feels kind of exciting to make the first step. I'm living in a small town in European country. Some time ago our town started to develop very fast, got a huge investment from Chinese companies and opened multiple...
  3. MTF

    Let's Play a Game: Brainstorming Boring Business Ideas

    So many people today want to launch businesses in sexy and trendy industries they're passionate about. This creates opportunities in boring niches, for entrepreneurs who don't have such preferences and simply want to solve problems and get paid (well) for it. Unfortunately, many people on this...
  4. G

    Brainstorming - parenting niche

    I've read all of MJs books and they have totally changed my mindset, particularly the grim reality of my sleepwalk into the 9-5 and 'sidewalker' mediocrity I have an unusual opportunity that has come up which is giving me the chance to cross-promote a new business of my choice to a fairly...
  5. techro

    Ideas for blog name? How do you find good names for you website/project?

    I'm starting a blog where I'll be posting tutorials/guides about programming/game development. I already made the website on my development server and have a ton of ideas lined up. The only thing missing is the website name. No matter how long I brainstorm, I just can't come up with a short and...
  6. arkania_x

    Brainstorming and ideas

    Good morning, not sure where to post this but I'll think it'll be fine here for now (if not, tell me please). Thinking about getting an Insider but for now, I'll stay in the "free zone". I best structure my thoughts while writing. And why not post it here for feedback (appreciated!) then. So...
  7. Michael Bavarian

    Incoming recession: Ideas for taking advantage? (Brainstorming)

    Hello guys, I guess at this moment it is quite obvious that we will face a quite harsh global recession the following months and years due to the effects of the corona virus. Nevertheless, I do not want to follow all these "the-world-is-going-under" claims - it is just a recession, and we will...

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