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app developer

  1. Mr.Nichan

    I might be on the right path... Just need to get to selling!

    Hello fellow fastlaners! First post here to try to jot down an introduction. If anyone asked me 5 years ago if I'd ever thought I would willingly be anyones boss or even think of starting my own company I would have told them no laughing. But here I am owning 2 LLCs and helping my wife with her...
  2. F


    Hello everyone, I 'm french. After reading the first two books of MJ, it is difficult for me to continue in a job. Conversely, starting a business suits me much more. My end goal is to launch a successful app. For this, I learn React Native, which allows to develop android and iOs...
  3. C

    Any App Developers in Germany/ Europe?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a co-founder for my app startup and thought a Fastlaner would be the ideal co-founder. If you have experience with Flutter or ReactNative, then we should get in touch and talk! :) Right now I have a prototype, a pitch deck and 2-3 interested investors who would be...
  4. C

    Looking for an idea for an iPhone app

    Hi everyone! I’m a junior programmer. I’m looking to get into iphone development and learn swift. But I really can’t think of an app idea that I can publish to the App Store. Doesn’t have to “take off” just something where you think I could get some downloads and put on my resume. Thanks!
  5. J

    New business idea

    Hi everyone. I have an idea for a new business but feel uncertain if it will work and if it is viable. I do not want to invest a lot of time and money and find out it does not work. The idea is the following. To create an app where people that wants a ride can be matched up with people want...
  6. R

    Mobile app for the daily routine

    Would it be useful for you to have a mobile application that helps you keep a strict daily routine and notifies you when a series of tasks with break periods begins?
  7. MaxT

    Promote an iOS application: Screenshots / Scenario

    Hello, I am primarily addressing people with a business in iOS and/or Android applications. I wonder, what is better between presenting your application with screenshots of the application, OR presenting it with "scenario" type captures for example with Netflix: https://play...
  8. Bbenn30

    Book Selling

    So I have an idea for a basic app that I want to get developed for my small business I use. I have looked at several options, no one makes an app that works well for me. I don't have the skills to create it as it seems to be rather complicated (I'm not against learning to code it) but, I would...
  9. schmidi

    App business model strategy: Charge premium users OR give the app away and charge partners?

    I quit my job a few weeks ago, thanks to the books. Since reading them I value my time more than money. Good job MJ! Currently I am building an app, and there are already paying users. Its not enough to make a living, but at least proves, that users value the concept. If possible at all, I...
  10. Hadrian

    Indie Game Demo - Feedback Needed

    Hi Fastlaners, Hoping for a little feedback on my reworking of an 80's Classic... Our first Unity based Indie Game is scheduled for a Christmas release. If successful I hope it will spawn a range of sequels. We've a two level demo available on iOS and Android. It's pure 80's retro so if...
  11. adaaaam

    What I learned spending $40k and one year launching my app.

    Hi all, I'm am occassional browser, rare poster here. Earlier this year I posted about a music networking app I was building called Artyst. Well it finally launched just last week, so I thought I'd check in and share what I learned. Hopefully this will be useful to someone thinking about...
  12. NicholasCato

    Should I just goto Kickstarter?

    so long story short, after getting tired of the dead end gig to gig cycle I was trapped in as a freelancer last year, I decided to get a day job to help fund my first potential fastlane idea. The business idea is a educational app that will work like a monthly subscription service. It’s been 3...
  13. D

    Any Fastlane iOS app developers here?

    I’m learning to code, but a partner might be beneficial. Anyone out there?
  14. Ksalazar

    Best networking events in the country for programming professionals?

    Hello everyone I live in New England and have a fast lane idea to help the masses(Small businesses) and the average consumer. By simplifying an overlooked industry I know this idea can help customers and businesses alike. This of course would be an app I am looking to create. I am ok with...
  15. BrooklynHustle

    Ask Me Anything About App Business (100+ Apps, 10M+ Downloads, 1 Liquidity Event)

    Hey Forum, Been back on here for a few months now and I've been fairly quiet... listening much more than I talk (aside from fantasy football, haha. Shout out to you guys) However, @eliquid's awesome SaaS AMA thread has inspired me to contribute a little more value. I've seen the topic of...
  16. C

    How can I find investors or sponsors for my VOD mobile app?

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hello Guys, I'm Cris and i am a developer and i currently building a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. Its known as OZLA LTD. I recently developed a VIDEO ON DEMAND (VOD) app known as OZLA TV. WHAT IS OZLA TV? OZLA TV offers free...
  17. N

    Mobile App not get enough conversions

    I recently created a travel mobile app but not getting enough conversion. Do you have any advice on how to become great at execution and marketing the product? I've tried Apple Search Ads but not getting that far with it.
  18. S

    Self taught iOS and Android app developer. AMA

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on this forum and have found a lot of good information that helped me with getting clients on upwork especially. I thought that it was time to introduce myself and answer any questions any of you had about building apps / teaching yourself how to build apps /...

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