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  1. Young Money

    Hundreds In Ad Spend - ZERO Sales

    Hey guys, I've been working on an ecommerce store for awhile and I finally launched it on shopify about a month ago. Well... it has not been going well, to put it mildly. I've spent hundreds of dollars on facebook ads and have not generated a single sale. Not one. I've tweaked the price...
  2. Rolex Mindset

    Starting a Property Management Business From Scratch

    I'm a 22 year old from New Zealand. Since I turned 18, I derived my income solely from reselling used items. My goal for 2023 has been to change my lifestyle. I've tried to pursue a frugal lifestyle and put money aside to do leanFIRE. Weakness with reselling and my belief that retiring early...
  3. bpere11

    Best platform to begin advertising?

    For anyone selling physical products online (via their own website, not Amazon or Ebay) which advertising platform have you found yields the greatest returns? TikTok, Google/Youtube, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest etc?
  4. BizyDad

    The 3 M's of Marketing - Help For Beginners

    A lot of beginners on the forum. A lot of lurkers. This post is a little experiment to see if this kind of content is helpful to people... I think I have to credit Dan Kennedy for introducing me to this idea, although I've read it and variations of it elsewhere. I have been teaching this to...
  5. J

    Hi, I am a new subscriber.

    Just wanted to introduce myself: I am a door to door sales manager for fiber optic internet services. I hope to meet like minded individuals here to grow, learn, and possibly help others. I'm excited to meet new people and be an integral part of this forum. I look forward to meeting you. Thank...
  6. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  7. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  8. prelapaul

    QUESTION: Athletic ad arbitrage--asinine or advantageous?

    Bear with me, I'm as green as they come with regard to marketing and the advertising industry. I was in the gym the other day (a big gym, multi-state franchise). and noticed that there's damn near 30+ screens around the building. Some with ads for the gym's services, some with cable news, etc...
  9. Cojo

    What I have learnt from Eugene Schwartz on writing headlines

    Focus on your prospects' mass desire and write your headline based on that. "The power, the force, the overwhelming urge to own that makes advertising work, comes from the market itself, and not from the copy. Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears...
  10. Senecal

    Google Analytics is DEAD… or is it?

    Warning: This is a braindump about Google Analytics issues and questions that arise from those issues. Also, I'm not a lawyer, so please consult with your lawyers about the related legal matters. Hey Fastlaners. As some of you know, Google announced they're officially retiring Universal...
  11. Gina_28

    Marketing on Quora

    Is anyone using Quora for promoting a business now? Is it worth it? What tips can you share? Thank you!:innocent: :halo:
  12. MJ DeMarco

    Has anyone done any paid advertising in newsletters? Results?

    There are a ton of newsletters out there with mega lists, for example, 1440 which tries to aggregate "news" without agenda or spin. These newsletters earn their revenues from advertisers who are interspersed in the newsletter content. Question is, has anyone paid to advertise in a newsletter...
  13. J

    Seeking Advice: Spending entire ad budget in a day

    I'm launching a video call based dating app. To get it going I need a enough people to use it in one area at the same time. So I'm trying to advertise the app in one day. I can't use reddit, facebook, or Google ads due to various issues (reddit and facebook only allow large dating apps, Google...
  14. MJ DeMarco

    The Worst (and Best) Mass Media Advertising...

    BAD I can't believe some corporation paid huge dollars to produce advertising this bad... Not only this Taco Bell commercial bad, but they decided to make this stupid bell noise an ongoing theme in multiple commercials. Sorry, it is such a bad reach... not to mention the Taco Bell noise would...
  15. JtBreeze

    How to promote an online business?

    Hi, I'm interested in starting an online store probably through shopify. I know what type of products that I'd like to sell and which manufacturer that I'd contact. But before I pull the trigger and start spending money I'd like to ask if anyone has ideas on the best ways to promote and market...
  16. Process

    How Do Advertising Deductions Work?

    I’ve run into a few people who write off their ads. One client off mine says he writes ads off 100%. This was surprising, I thought most deductions are only 20-30%.. Many people don’t Know this at all it seems. some sources say Ads are a 100% write off. What Business Expenses Are Tax...
  17. LifeisSuffering


    Hi before i read TMF and Unscripted, i was thinking to start a business that "i love " but now i want a business that can serve people in my country, Algerie situated in North africa I did some research and i saw many influencer and business suffer from a lack of connection So i decided to...
  18. Walter Hay


    From time to time on this forum various parts of the marketing process get a mention, but marketing should always be considered as a whole. Marketing is a generally misunderstood term. Most people think that marketing = advertising, but that is only a part of the marketing process. It begins...
  19. Vigilante

    Google Product Listings are Now FREE "We recently announced that product results on the Google Shopping tab in the U.S. will consist primarily of free listings. This change has...
  20. ANR

    PPC / Google Ads: Client Changing Domains, Want Me to Set Up A New Ad Account. Better to Keep Original?

    Got an PPC client with £300k's worth of past data in an ad account. They are changing domains from .com to and have brought me in to do a similar thing with their ad accounts... (moving from an existing ad account to a new ad account they have set up) In my opinion it would be...

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