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  1. Senecal

    [NEED GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4?] GA4 + Google Ads, GTM, Conversion tracking help

    Do you need to set up GA4 but don’t know how to? Do you want GA4 on your site but don’t wanna go through the steep learning curve? Do you have other “tracking” problems you need fixing? Maybe you’re running ads but no conversions are showing. hint: broken conversion tracking Or your data...
  2. V

    Traffic from website halved, what should I do?

    According to Google Adsense stats, the views on my website have practically halved. Revenue, clicks, Impressions, decreased accordingly. It started yesterday, and continues today. The traffic remains stable. I also checked ad impressions on different devices - they are displayed as usual...
  3. V

    A problem with Google AdSense

    Hey everyone! I’ve received a notification on my Google AdSense panel, it says that my website does not accord with the Better Ads Standards. It also offers me to check the Search Console Ad Experience Report. I’ve checked it, and everything seems fine. I tried to delete the notification, but it...
  4. V

    Need help with AdSense in-page ads

    Hey all, I’ve got a question about in-page ads by Google AdSense. I had vignette ads on my site, but decided to use in-page ads as an experiment. In-page turned out to be not so effective for me, so I switched them off, but they keep popping up 1-2 times a day on my site. How do I turn them off...
  5. S

    How do I increase the income on a gaming blog I own?

    Background; I started a gaming blog in 2012. I, and a handful of other people would actively post content on it for the next 3 years. We did so because we had advertising deals with select gaming brands, that I was lucky enough to secure. Then the contracts ran out, and I was left with no choice...
  6. AddeyRoubens

    Good AdSense Alternatives?

    AdSense just placed a limit on my account for "invalid traffic". I'm still trying to investigate what this "invalid traffic" is, but in the meantime, anyone know any best alternatives to AdSense?
  7. LHXS

    Google not reviewing site for Adsense account due to COVID?

    Hi all*, The first site I bought for my portfolio is mostly monitized through Google Adsense. I don't have an account so when the seller transfered it I've tried to set one up. It's been over a month now and about every 4-6 days I get a 'failure' email from Google with the message: Unable to...
  8. Ted Heywood

    Who is still doing AdSense Arbitrage in 2019?

    Fellow Fastlaners, Wondering if there are people on this forum who are into AdSense Arbitrage? I myself have been doing it for about a year. I experienced everything from $$,$$$/month profits to AdSense Accounts being banned. What are the best practices? What works? What doesn't work? Do...
  9. Danny01

    How to Get Free Traffic from Search Engine Optimization

    Hello Guys, This is going to be more an interactive session for others who wish to build high traffic website for profit. I built a high traffic website in under 6 month with Search Engine Optimization. If you have any questions regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Post them below.
  10. Danny01

    Google AdSense Publishers Thread

    I'll like AdSense earners to post their contributions here. What's been working for you and how much revenue you're generating from your sites? It could inspire and help some people out there who are working hard to earn some income from their websites.
  11. Danny01

    Google Adsense Disabling Account for no reason

    Google AdSense recently disabled my account for one of my blogs. Surprising thing is this isn't the first or second or third time. I never violate their policies as far as I can tell. Each time this happens, its mostly close to the time I'm about to reach threshold or collect my earnings. I'm...
  12. I

    Built SaaS Website Creation Tool. What do you guys think?

    SAAS / APPS 
    So I've been spending the last 2 years building and adding featuresets to a website creation software for adsense/affiliate sites called Adsense Turbo. For the most part it's in the "beta" phase even though I've been continually adding on features, so looking for a little feedback and for folks...
  13. MartijnS

    Online Advertising not as easy as it used to be?

    As a web developer, under the influence of TMF and Unscripted, I've been engaging in an experiment in developing a site with some potential to turn views into $$$ : It started as an idea, and instead of leaving it at just that, I decided to finally take that next...
  14. A. Rodriguez

    Online Business Ideas For Newbies

    Everyone successful person started from somewhere. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs around the forum who are willing to do what it takes to succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits. I'm one of them and it is a privilege to have known about the fastlane as a teenager. Heading straight to...
  15. D

    Blogging Journey: From 0 to $1k/day

    I just started taking my blog seriously after killing my e-pharma biz. It was making me good enough for the effort I was putting in, but it simply does not fit well with my long term goals. Target audience: Anybody who is looking to improve themselves. Mostly focused on entrepreneurs, brain...
  16. smarty

    Best alternatives to Adsense and Facebook's Audience Network?

    I have a few magazine sites that are not so big but can earn quite well with CPC ads. The most traffic is coming from Facebook so they're not much targeted to a niche, just general news sites. I'm blocked by Adsense since a year ago and also Facebook's Audience Network just closed the doors for...