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  1. ManojBhattarai

    Spelling mistake in TMF book

    on page no: 167 There is a person instead of prison. -Manoj from Nepal.
  2. Z

    INTRO The best motivational videos that will change your life

    I'm zanduli, I'm here to to share with you what you have been waiting for , that's motivational videos that will really bring new changes to your life. If you feel like you're losing everything in this world watch this videos. I love you and i will love to really bring a better changes to your...
  3. Elwyn

    INTRO Future Entrepreneur Here

    Hello, My name is Elwyn Monroe, I am from Chula Vista, CA (San Diego) and my wife and I are looking into starting several businesses. I currently work for a medical device company and previously was part owner of a swimsuit company for 3 years, my wife has ventured into small micro business but...
  4. CanadianTrucker

    EXECUTION Starting to work my way out of the slowLane

    Hello again, I haven’t posted since my introduction. The reason is because I realized, all I was doing was action faking and not moving the needle at all. So I wanted to wait until I knew had taken some real action to moving out of the slow lane before making another post. Hoping I get some...
  5. vin2k

    INTRO Introduction !

    Hey guys , just wanted to quickly introduce myself. Im a 20yr old guy from a small town in India. I read both Unscripted and The millionaire fastlane after reading 10+ books on getting rich and they all preached the same things like frugality and mindless saving and i knew their was no way...
  6. T

    INTRO Hi everyone I'm tmilliane

    I'm so grateful to be here with all of you I live in South Africa Pretoria somehow I got to hear about the millionaire Fastlane and listened to the audio book currently I'm in the carpentry business I'm looking forward to learn from all of you I have much respect for you Mr MJ DeMarco for what...
  7. CanadianTrucker

    INTRO Here's my story

    My name is Jordan from Alberta Canada. I am currently a farmer and truck driver. I used to have my own dumpster rental business for approximately 3 years. The business was basically a break even and i eventually decided to sell. It was a great learning experience though not a major success by...
  8. Ali Ahsan

    INTRO 18 years old. Dedicated and Commited to LIVING the Unscripted life.

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ali and I am an 18-year old entrepreneur here in Seattle, Washington. I am new to the forum and have been reading many of the posts recently to get myself familiarized with the forum. Tons and tons of valuable information on here and I am so glad I can be a part of...
  9. D

    INTRO 50yr old from Australia

    Hey everyone. I'm really fired up about the Millionaire fast lane and haven't finished listening to it yet. I listen in the car to and from work. I used to own a business in South Aftica for 10 years before moving to Australia. I've settled into a comfortable job but I am so unfulfilled. This...
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