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    REAL ESTATE Find a Bank REO!

    We played the #'s game. Many offers and a few acceptances. Dont listen to what the realtors tell you . They always say they will never accept ammount and yet they do (: I agree with who cares what the bank is point of view. I Decide what I want to spend on the house and then they can accept...
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    REAL ESTATE Get your piece of Paradise (Valley or Scottsdale)!

    Not sure about a bottom, but you can find some really good deals in sunny florida . They just had an auction with 1000's of homes. My coworker looked at a couple of homes but didnt like the area they were in. I would be really careful about buying into condo's. They arent always rental...
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    REAL ESTATE Ungrateful people...

    Well you can see Donald Trump for free .....
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    Scenes from the recession

    Why is he kicking in his door ? I am not suprised that things are in a down trend. That is after all what markets do they go up and then they come down and then they go . I am suprised that home prices have gone down to the level they have. It would be a great time to be buying. Low rates...
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    HOT TOPIC Misconception: Wealth = Luck

    Hi I belive in bad luck happens to me all the time :huh2: Clearly two people can have the same idea and one becomes rich and the other goes broke. Exactly what factors do we attribute it to ?
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    Did You Lose 13% Of Your Net Worth in the Last 10 Days?

    I rather lose 20 % of my money than move to the frozen tundra ....Brrrr I think your nuts for living there. Especially if you have the means to live in a more temperate climate. :coco: I am more concerned with my money "evaporatiing" in the stock market. Since we are suppose to be...
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    "Your money or your life" getting good press!

    Warren is miserly. Not a way to live. Now living in sunny wine country in a bed and breakfast . Now thats livin :smxG: Living below yer means can be no fun ... Unless you increase your means. I wonder how many $$$ Bill is making per minute these days Rob
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    REAL ESTATE Evict tenant, or try and settle?

    Hi Snow I know this is some rehashing but .... It couldnt hurt to post the 3 day notice and to start the process. Just in case they dont keep their word. I only say this because evictions are slow. It will take long to evict than the (less than ) 30 days. You should also check...
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    HOT TOPIC Info Thread: Updates on US Financial Markets & Govt interventions

    Re: Due Diligence: Here's what's happening to US Financial Market andviv whats your product ? Doesnt matter how much money is "out there" they have to want/ need your product. Or you need to be a "salesman" and sell it to them. I keep thinking of the joke about the gold rush. The sure way...
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    HOT TOPIC Info Thread: Updates on US Financial Markets & Govt interventions

    Re: Due Diligence: Here's what's happening to US Financial Market Of course it will improve things. Its done by the guvernment and they always get it right (: Goes back to Rk saying that we have a currency and it needs to keep moving. Unfortunately our "economy" is based on spending and if...
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    REAL ESTATE Hakrjak starts 2 new flips....

    Why would you be doing any bells and whistles these days ? Of course mine are rentals. So we do the minimium to get the next person in.
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    10 Ways to Get Rich-Warren Buffett

    When was the last time Buffett had any debt ?
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    HOT TOPIC Info Thread: Updates on US Financial Markets & Govt interventions

    Re: Due Diligence: Here's what's happening to US Financial Market They bought houses for too much with money they didnt have. The money didnt disappear just the value. Based on the value they were given even more money to invest. A house of cards built upon a slippery slope. Not like...
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    Robert Kiyosaki's book "Increase Your Financial IQ"

    ssdp same sh*t different pages :smx4: Probaly can read it in b& n while drinkin a coupa joe. Rob This opinion based on the stuff in the link....
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    We have a CHOICE

    Damn I really want to say something political and its killin me :nonod: Most people make the same choices. ignore things and hope something will change. I am still playing catch up. I think that chances to become richer are greater today then they were. The question is the same as always. I...

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