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    GOLD! Making Money For Dummies (And In a Crowded Market)

    Great thread @IceCreamKid did you read Joe Polish's Piraña Marketing course? I believe that's all about carpet cleaning marketing? I'm a one man operation offering services that the homeowner needs up here just outside Toronto. Flyers/direct mail do not really work as 3 times a week a free...
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    EXECUTION Ascent to Greatness and Success

    Not getting clients is because there is too much competition on the likes of fiverr ... knock up local businesses that do not know that you can hire a good writer and charge them $50 for 500 words even more... it will work.
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    OFF-TOPIC What laptop have you got?

    Have had more success with Acers until windows 8 came along which caused me to lose my will to live! Asus used to drive me mad with crappy touchpad issues and other ongoing issues they never tried to fix. Have a lenova on windows 7 which is ok but has a few keys that do not shortcut like the...
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    EXECUTION Ascent to Greatness and Success

    Good to see your progressing - I would cut out writing for internet companies or freelance sites and hit up local companies. It is easy to rank them higher simply by writing more content than their competitors. Most sites put up a few pages > About Us > Services > Contact > by contacting them I...
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    The Salary Man - Short Film

    Sad but true - coming from the UK to Canada I was amazed that 10 days vacation was the norm and that some people never took the full quota! I was talking to a customer last week whom has to travel 3 1/2 hours every day into Toronto to work from an office full of executives, yet the company has...
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    FAILURE How to recover after life beats the shit outta you?

    Onwards and upwards ... Go to in Toronto and buy a bucket & squeegee, buy his DVD teaching how to clean windows and get out there and knock on some doors ... You'll make more than $165 a day. I'd drop your circle of friends too
  7. Stubbers

    Selling to Property Managers

    Easiest thing to do is call up someone doing the exact same thing in another state, this way you are not competition. Start by introducing yourself, what you are doing and ask if they have a few minutes to talk about the industry.
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    It's great when someone brings up an old post that's a solid as this one ... Thanks @biophase for sharing this
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    Brits get rich in China

    Brilliant share, Vance Millers a true hard working northerner who's had more than his share of obstacles but risen above to build a kitchen empire. He not only owns kitchen factories he owns, oak forests and a granite mine he's totally in control. If you read his website there's a lot of great...
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    NOTABLE! Why Facebook is a Joke (And various social media/smartphone insanity)

    I agree, I hate going to concerts where everyone is recording, texting and updating ... Watch the bloody show! I'd love to have a cell phone jammer and see folks faces when their phones not connecting to the web
  11. Stubbers

    EXECUTION Ditch My 6-Figure Job and Earn a Living Online

    Is fishing not one of the worlds most popular sports? It's about getting the right edge ...
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    O/T: FUNNY Just posted this on local facebook groups

    I am selling a few of these Crystal Ball Turn Signal kits. Never use your turn signals again! These are ideal for lazy drivers that find indicators hard to use! After a full day texting ,updating facebook or editing dating profiles ones fingers can hurt immensely, making using indicators near...
  13. Stubbers

    MEETUPS Toronto Fastlane meet up: Summer Edition

    I should be up for it too ...
  14. Stubbers

    Advertising on Facebook

    I used a guy lately to set up some campaigns for me. The way he set them up looked like it would have taken ages then I saw he was using software ... if you are running big campaigns I thing it might help
  15. Stubbers

    Is this kind of headline/guarantee a good idea? (copywriting advice)

    To ensure you don't get too many refunds name your company something like "Could not get laid inc" and refund by cheque this way, even if they do get a refund they may think twice before cashing it? ...good luck

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