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Hello I am 35 year old (soon to be 36 yikes!) what I call 'consumer to creator' convert of about 2 years now thanks largely to MMM if you know who that is. For years (over 10 I would say) thoughts of entrepreneurship and running a business have crossed my mind but I literally didn't know where to start. Now that thought process to me is an excuse - especially with access to the internet, etc. Not sure what I was thinking before :(

Something happened to me along the line where extreme resourcefulness kicked in combined with an outrageous curiosity for learning new things. In a way I always had that but i think i was more job focused than creating a business focus.

In my 20's it was my goal to go back and finish my education and get 'real' job. so I did that. Graduated at 32. Worked in corporate america for nearly 6 years with a real job and realized I couldn't stand it. Early on in my career there I remember driving home at like 6 pm (after leaving in the morning like 6 am) thinking this cant be the way. I mean I'm away from my family all day only to come home eat, sleep, repeat. No way! I knew there had to be a better way but I didn't know what that was. Going back to MMM - I stumbled on his site. I (we) completely embraced the frugal mentality and quit being a consumer. Sold my house since i realized I was house poor and used the equity to pay all of our debt. My goal of paying $53k in student loans in 3 years was paid off in less than 8 months. My first big win! (attending Dave Ramsey FPU a year earlier started to help us see the shift form being consumer oriented - to give credit where credit is due)

Fast forward to today. My wife just finished nursing school and has been working as an RN for about 3 months. Since we engineered our lifestyle to live on 1 income I left my miserable job and am set on creating a business which i run on my terms.

Now that I stay at home with the 2 and 4 year old children it is a new challenge to create time to devote in creating a business and be a good father and a good husband but I will find a way.
We can get by as things are but getting by is not what life is about.

Still amazed that i only found this forum through just reading the millionaire fast lane which i am 75% through in the 1 day that i own it.

I started doing amazon retail arbitrage this year and have begun to bring my first private label product to market since i discovered the amazon world of selling 4 months ago. Unfortunately, despite my due diligence (or not enough) my first supplier screwed me. I paid for samples and he dropped off the earth. I care more about the time lost then the $150. I guess I fit in well with the Millionaire fast lane thinking :)

Thanks for checking me out. Didnt plan on the long text wall but I decided to give a decent backstory about where I am now.


P.S. If there is a Sidewalker, slowlaner, and fastlaner then perhaps the MMM extreme frugal person would fit between the slowlaner and fastlaner since that philosophy is save 66% income and retire less than 10 years in most cases. Just my thoughts as I connect this new Fastlane information.
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