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  • Hey Vick, I stopped by to say thanks for the gold( meaning your thread). I have been processing it little by little. I am trying to get myself into the luxury sunglasses market. Your thread has been helpful. I appreciate it!
    I have not read all your posts in the eyewear thread, but do you do or know about having prescription lenses put in your glasses? I would LOVE a set of your glasses for biking and outdoor adventures, but require a light prescription.
    Hey Vick, did you happen to write Part 3 and I missed it? Look forward to it bro!
    sorry no, not yet. been very busy. one day ;)
    That's probably awesome news as well. Look forward to seeing it, and also look forward to when you drop the aviators on us bro.
    Hey Vick, I'm not sure if I deserved it but thanks for the rep! It's my first time to receive one so it's a great feeling! :)
    Vick, just viewed a thread about your sunglasses, visited the site, and I've godda say they look slicker than anything out right now! Added my email to the "pre-order" list, and will be picking up a pair ASAP!! Good work!
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    Reactions: Vick
    thanks buddy ;)
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