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You're not selling subscription box?

Greg R

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Oct 28, 2015
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Time for a knowledge bomb.

To commemorate @Scot's 50th thread on the Forum "You're not selling wholesale," I wanted to write this one.

If you sell on Amazon, but not subscription box, you’re throwing away millions of dollars.

It's a simple concept.

Let's break it down.

Think about this. Where else can you; sell thousands of units, get thousands of dollars in free marketing exposure, and get paid in a timely manner???

Subscription Boxes.

Selling thousands of units- I would start by doing some research. The world of subscription boxes is plentiful and you want to make sure the partnership is right. I would start by selecting the medium size boxes. They seem to pay more than the large and small boxes and are more "available" and easier to contact. The small ones have no following and no clue what they are doing and the big ones may be too big for you to handle production and cash flow. I would start by finding 5-10 quality subscription boxes. You're DM or email should go like this. "So what is it going to take to get my (insert product here) into your box?" and that's it. I've gotten responses almost every time. Now that I think about it, I have gotten responses every time. You just need to contact every single channel of theirs until they respond. Instagram has worked best for me. You're deals may range from a few hundred to a few thousand units in the beginning. Let them set their payment terms and work your quote around that. Timing and delivery is VERY IMPORTANT to them so make sure that you can deliver.

Get thousands of dollars in free marketing exposure- I'm talking not only about your reach due to order volume, but I'm also talking about reach due to; email blasts, socials shout outs, and INFLUENCERS. Influencers love these damn boxes. I didn't realize this until four big name influencers started tagging me in things from a box deal that I did with professional photos and all of that. Doing subscription boxes officially makes this one of the cheapest ways to get millions of eyeballs on your products. All you need to do is send the dang email. Forget PPC. Sending an email is free.

Getting paid in a timely manner- Each box that I've dealt with to date has their own way of planning their purchasing, packaging, and shipping. Some plan months ahead. Other's fly by the seat of their pants. Some pay before shipping, some pay when shipped, and the big boys may even pay you up front a percentage to do a production run. None of this is absolute of course, just what I've seen. What you need to do is work around how they operate because each of their business models are different and being flexible allows you to give them more value. All you need to do is just adjust your quote based on; the number of units, how you are being paid, and how soon they need it. Ask these three questions and you have the key to the golden gates. Lastly, if you cannot agree on price try to negotiate more marketing. It worked for me.

Lastly I wanted to add that each subscription box added to your resume is another customer. Anytime you release a new product or want to unload some inventory fast, subscription boxes can be your guiding light.

To conclude.

Send the email. Send the samples. Get the P.O.

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Jan 3, 2019
@Greg R
Aware this thread is old, but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I joined the forums today and posted earlier asking for advice (Routes with scaling an Etsy business ) - this idea is absolute gold. I will definitely be updating on my progress. This is now going in my 2019 business plan :)
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Aug 16, 2008
My business partner and I have participated in a couple of subscription boxes in our half decade in business.

The upside was that you are paid up front to participate. The downside, at least for us, was great response, great reviews, but lackluster repeat business from the venture.

Now that I have read this thread, I will be dedicating solo efforts, between now and the second week in February, developing a stratetgy to reimpliment this as a sales channel for 2019.

Thank you for the reminder.
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