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Time off, days off, rest, holidays - what's your schedule

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Jun 8, 2017
How do you guys schedule your work, days off, off hours and holidays?

So I grind 7 days a week 365 days a year for a very long time now, do you guys do the same? I can't even remember when did I started but eventually business and life got so intertwined that it's a constant hustle.

I do 5 crucial tasks a day (tasks that I plan in the morning or day before that will move me forward). Of course, it varies how long it takes me sometimes it's 2 hours sometimes 16 and it's not done if I won't finish them I count the day as a failure. I do that every day.
On top of that every day I do:
Anything that needs to be done around my business, orders, deliveries I just count it as stuff I have to do. If I am physically in a shop it takes me about 9 -10 hours (2-4 times a week) if I am not 4-6 hours.
On top of that, I have personal progress habits: reading, language learning, chess, brazilian jiu jitsu, yoga, weightlifting, crossfit, meditation, coding, touch typing, side hustle project, blog, system administration.

I go for holidays but I work on them, less but I do, last holiday broadband was so bad that it was the first time in years that I've done almost 0 work for 7 days outside of personal habits (i still trained, read and meditated daily) and it felt... weird, but then I noticed I had a decent boost in productivity and creativity for a while.

Let's get to the point. A while ago I found the business blog post where he showed how he scheduled his work and time off at the time I considered time off as stuff for weaklings (can't find this post now I kept looking) ;) and of course high amount of reading, meditation and exercise keeps my stress, body, and mind in check but I wonder maybe I should schedule some regular time off. What is your holiday/days off/time off schedule? Do you plan it or do you just take time off when you finish your work faster? Do you feel you need time off? What's your schedule and work/life balance?

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