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Jun 6, 2019

I am Kostas and i started my journey of freedom 3 years ago.

Before that i was a normal person that did go to college for 7 years learned nothing and played video games most of the time.
After i graduated i did work on some IT tech jobs but the time i was spending there compared to the money i was making was not good and thankfully i did a stupid mistake that eventually got me fired thank God :D
Some time passed and i found a job for my self that my responsibilities were to make boxes...LOL... i was assembling boxes for 9 hours a day with a salary under 5 euros per hour...

My family and friends advised me to stick to a salary job until i find a better one. I had to lie to them that they fired me so that i can find some time for myself to think and figure out what to do next.
Only my girlfriend backed me up and pushed me on leaving my retarded job.My main fear was that if she was getting pregnant and i had a shitty job then i could not do anything .That meant i was going to be a prisoner of my own life...

So i had to find something else something better...

I had to find a job that would not drain my day and find some time for myself and loved ones ...
Then the google search started of what to do next... Forums, videos and threads of any kind of how to make some money... I gave up... I failed and i send my CV to random jobs again ...

But one video got my attention of a dude speaking about his life and how he changed it and all...with this simple word... the word BIG

He was speaking about the word BIG and translated to this
B= Books
I= Individuals
G= Goals

He said that he managed to change his life with this word... He said that books had all the knowledge in the world and the simple thing that had to do were to just read them.
Then the individuals that were arround him had to be people that he admired and made him a better person.
And finally he talked about the goals that someone has to have. Daily goals, Weekly Goals, Monthly Goals, Yearly Goals , Life Goals...

So yeah, thank you sir for learning me that...

And so i did it...

I started reading and the phone started to ring with job oportunities ...
Insurance companies had me interviewed and so I became an Insurance agent..

And so i learned about sales and contracts and people and the books i read is all about it... and i try to read 3 to 4 books per month and 3 years passed and i have become almost financially free... I work whenever i want and i am having and income way better than the one that a salary job had...

I am doing my best every day to improve myself , my family and my clients life :)

Today i am expecting a child with my gf and with tears in my eyes right now i understand that i made it !!!

Sure i have much more to accomplish and i want to progress every day but to be honest life is a marathon and my dream 3 years ago is now my reality and my dreams now hopefully one day will be a reality too... So i guess , dare to dream high enough and have big goals and high expectations for yourself.

Because all your actions are unconsciously taking you closer to your dreams !

Thank you MJ for giving me this push , to right down my story and realize myself that...

i won my main fear and i did it !

Thanks, for writing these 2 great books and thanks for creating this forum :)

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