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INTRO Success is my only motherf*cking option - 25 year old lawyer


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Dec 3, 2016
Hey guys,

I've been reading this forum for a while (also read MJ's first book) and decided to participate. I created this account a while back but to be honest, I procrastinated. There's so much learn by visiting this place frequently.

Anyway, here you go a little boring background:

My name's Claudio, I'm 25 years old from a developing country in South America. Just like your regular Joe, I went to Uni, became a lawyer and got a shitty job. I knew right away when I was 21 (when I got my first job at a law firm) that I could not follow the script for the rest of my life. Back then I thought to myself "Is this all there really is to life? Working your life away to only get 3 weeks of vacation a year? F*ck that, there must be more."

So, naturally I researched how to escape the rate race and somehow ended up reading The Millionaire Fastlane. Before coming across MJ's book, I stumbled upon other early retirement philosophies. You know, the typical save 60% of your salary, invest in stocks and retire on poverty money. But said philosophy just wasn't for me. Life is supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest and unfortunately you can't do that living on a budget.

Anyhow, between the time I was 21 and 25 I worked a few jobs, none of them paid well until I recently (4 months ago) landed a good job. I also started a couple of businesses and failed but I know why I failed and I'm determined not to make the same mistakes again, and to put the skills I acquired into action. I currently have a side hustle that can't be escalated but it pays for my rent and some of my living expenses with very little effort so that's a win as I get to save around 80% of my salary.

As things stand, I'm 25 with a decent paying job and a side hustle that pays most of my bills, and two failed businesses that taught me a few things.

- Don't start a business on a budget, you need cash flow, your business needs to be fed to grow strong. It's your baby, take care of it.
- Don't quit your job. See the point above.
- First never follows. Don't worry about what others are doing. You do you.
- Being in a developing country in SA has its pros. The developed world has tons of products and services that can be "imported from the future". Such goods and services do not exist in some developing countries, which gives you a chance to satisfy a need.

Well, so, what's the plan now? I firmly believe in e-commerce in South America. It has barely taken off on this side of the planet, and this is the chance to become one of the firsts to get into it. I will take this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome aboard, can you reveal with SA country?


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May 21, 2011
I have been to Colombia a few times recently, lots of great opportunities in Medellin. Good luck!

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