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Strategic Advice Required on How to Scale

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Matt Dassel

May 15, 2018
Perhaps nothing else is making me go nuts other than not being able to scale. I've lost some money on a few attempts.

But the money I lost, to me, is nothing compared to the reflection that I am being subjected to. Seems like I am missing on an strategic piece in order to get profits that would allow me to fund myself and a fastlane business. And that for sure is driving me to places I prefer not to talk about on this conversation.

Quick overview on everything I have going until now:

I have been trading my own money and getting returns at around 10% to 15% annualized with a 2% to 4,5% down side risk per year. For about 6 months I haven't been able to convince investors to turn this into a sophisticated business.

In order to compensate for the lack of investors I have built a brand on retail and created a Kickstarter campaign for a product under development. But while I am working on it seems like it's going to take longer than I expected to cross over $100K in annual profits to fund my investment account.

Right now challenges are pitching to new investors (I am trying a platform called for this). And finding new ways to make a profit to fund this account for this last business I am envisioning in the asset management industry.

Is there anything you guys would recommend me to do in order to make profits faster in dollar amounts? I am willing to do anything if I can feel the strategy behind it can lead to high profit margin business opportunities. Even if I have to sell my time for a period of around 6 months to a year.

My skills are:
  • Web development, back-end, front-end, and maintaining web servers
  • Graphic design for websites
  • Product development for rather simple projects in the engineering field (What I used to create the first brand mentioned above)
  • Trading independently (but without significant profits to live due to lack of capital)

Dropped out of mechanical engineering at the third year in 2017.

I would also be happy to meet anyone who shares the same path I have taken. I am at Brazil.

Much appreciated,

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