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INTRO Somebody who wants to be nobody. 'I'm so great' lalalala la... just kidding.

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by Kieran Butler, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Kieran Butler

    Kieran Butler New Contributor

    Likes Received:
    Jun 22, 2017
    Rep Bank:
    Abstract title - Check! Just something that came to mind.... Who am I, somebody? nobody? hell, I don't know. All I know is that 'I AM' - that's my mantra.... but I digress.

    Hi there... I've been a member for a while but haven't been very actively involved as of yet but I want to change that so I can learn from people here & also help where I can.

    I'm a 31 yr old (when did that happen!?) self-thought web developer from Ireland. Got sucked into the standard 'go to college, get a degree, good job' etc. Unfortunately my initial degree choice in construction (as a surveyor) was timed to perfection with the Economic crash. C'est la vie.

    It's worked out good in the end as I ended up doing work I enjoy & I've travelled the world and earned some pretty decent money. Now I'm back in Ireland, living in the middle of nowhere (not a complaint, I love it). This comes with it's own challenges like finding like minded people amongst other things... like decent jobs.

    I've wanted to be my own boss and create something great for the longest time and finally I think I'm on the right track with my first creation The Captain's Log - The Captains Log It's been a steep learning curve with no end in sight but enjoyable none the less.

    (Side note: I walk around sometimes singing coldplays... 'Nobody said it was easy, nobody said it would be this.....' hahaha I make myself laugh sometimes)

    Anyway I had a realisation last night when I asked myself 'what value am I providing to the world/people' and the answer right now is sadly 'not so much'. So, that's something I need to change asap.

    I know a little about a lot but not exactly an expert at any one thing. If anyone needs any tips on the following I'll do my best to help you :)
    Web development - JS, React, Angular, Drupal, Wordpress, PHP. Design.
    I've imported from China, may have gotten lucky with a nice manufacturer but the whole process was surprisingly easy.
    Meditation/yoga - have been practicing daily for two years... it works. There is definitely more to our realities than we perceive. This is my real passion, but as Dan Pena says ' Zen doesn't f**kin pay the bills'
    I know a thing or two about Construction too... if I can fish out the brain cells that store that info.
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