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EXECUTION Selling the language courses online - my first serious try to become a fastlaner

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Jan 21, 2018
I've been on the forum for a while and read a lot to get know the community. Now I know it's the right place for me. So happy to be here and thank you for so much inspiration!

Let's reveal today my execution plan to get on the fastlane. For sure, I need writing about it more then you need to read it. Public promises help a bit, do not they?

My life has stuck somewhere between slowlane and fastlane, maybe closer slowlane.
Why slowlane?
1) Boring and safe work in the office from 9-5, monthly wage.
2) One hour communting to work one way Monday-Friday (when I read a chapter about it in the MF it was so sad, I almost cried...)
3) Working extra time at home as a language teacher, only an hourly wage (no employees).

So where is the fastlane?
1) I earn quite much and save a lot of money, almost 70% of the net income. Despite saving so much, my life is comfortable.
2) Good investing with high profits, a few sources of income. Some passive income.
3) Going this way without any changes I can become a fastlaner and quit working in about 7-8 years (I'm 28 now). Market collapse is not included in this prediction.

(When I have written it down all now, I see that there is not too much fastlane in it unfortunately.:()

But never mind. The plan to get quicker on the fastlane is:
1) April-August 2018: Getting as much audience as possible. Good network of students can help a lot in the very beginning. Start a website with encouraging, interactive and funny free language lessons (not English) for the large groups of immigrants. Focusing only on their needs, not a general boring language course. Marketing on Facebook and YouTube. 90% is done already, some details must be done before launching in April.
2) September 2018: Launching my first language course online. Not sure what exactly kind of course, I still work on the strategy. But the main keywords here will be quality and range.
3) 2019: The main goal is to sell language courses dedicated to some of the most popular professions among immigrants (construction worker, cleaner etc). I know well there is no such a thing on the market right now. The offer can work well for both B2C and B2B.

I hope this is the way to quit a boring job, stop commuting 2 hours per day and start a better life.

You'll hear from me soon. May the force be with you! (and me...)

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Jan 21, 2018
best of luck to you. sounds interesting and sounds like you've got your mind set straight.
Thank you for that. Coming back to fastlane-work now. I have had a long break due to slowlane-investing issues which means moving house, renovation and renting one new flat. Typical slowlane-bullshit, but gives me quite fine amount of money so I can pay the bills and move to fastlane a bit safer, I suppose.

My course material are being produced every day now, I will be ready with them at the beginning of December. Launching in January.

P.S. Thank you, MJ and all forum members, I have never been so happy, free and motivated.

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