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Knows something about app & software development.
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Jan 28, 2019
Hey, I'm Rich from Berlin with 29 years played through the game.

I haven't been participating in forums for years now, but after listening to TMFL for a few hours, I found myself in here every other day, spending quite some time reading, even getting value out of the forums and having fun.

Applied some of the book's concepts, I could describe my lane jumping disorder like this:

- Up to my 20s, I was an insane side-walker. Still, I started a poker "career" at 16, shaking up Party Poker's micro stakes tables employing the so-called Small Stack Strategy and kindly wishing for the Fastlane while slowly starting to work business stuff on the side in Moscow, bipolarly normal.

- Around my mid-twenties I moved to Berlin and got back to school again to finish my Abitur. With my tight poker strategy skills, I simultaneously rocked Berlin's NL Hold'em live tables with an incredible winrate at the 2€/2€ and 2€/4€. On the site, I built a numismatic online shop. I was torn apart between sidewalk, slow- and Fastlane. The tripolarity got its claws on me.
By that time I already applied more Fastlane principles overall, but the strongly engrained side-walker habits were not easy to spot and fight for an unwise young wolf. Thus my endeavors found an end, in one or another way, soon. For example, I decided to live my poker dream in Barcelona, not being aware of the possible winrates for me there and of the importance of personal money management, apart from the poker bankroll.

- Recognizing that my businesses won't scale soon, I decided to do a fresh start with something more meaningful and got myself into studying computer science. I always was tech savvy, and software engineer's seemed to have an active, future-oriented and learning community so that I felt there at home very soon.
I also started studying life and life books. Lots of them, as I can see clearly now, guided me slowly but surely towards the laser-like autistic focus of a glorious slowlane ride, ...

... but wait... luckily (or was it probability? ;) I've encountered MJ's dolphin therapy TMFL book and combining it with my steadily sparking obsessive Fastlane thoughts, I feel like there is no way anymore around becoming a true value creator ASAP.

In the next two month, I want to discuss, test and maybe even validate some ideas, that would help to solve some current problems here in Berlin and in Germany. From April on, I will have to decide, from quite some possibilities, how to finance my current lifestyle and keep rocking, creating and inventing (e.g. free studying + student loan OR working part-time at a software house).

To finish up this anamnesis:
  • I have a wife and a hungry fat-cheeked baby kid.
  • I am currently working on replacing my bad habits with a severe book addiction (very interesting way to shift one's thinking and behavior)
  • I am obsessed with digital data, data platforms, storage mediums, events and how to create value from data
  • I also have a mild form of Hypergraphia which results in private neurotic jotting into my Samsung Note phone, and in writing poker blogs, and most lately, in a software engineering blog
  • In the last three years, I was practicing my computer science skills at various software builders grinding 9 to 5
  • Next week I am handing in my Bachelor's thesis to officially become healthy from the university-disease

Thank you for your interest in this mental story! To sum it up, the book and this forum lead to a lot of realizations and control my "disorders" in the only right direction, so that I am really looking forward to being a part of this community!
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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Great intro my friend, welcome aboard.


Knows something about app & software development.
Read Fastlane!
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Jan 28, 2019
Great intro, like the depth and various twists and turns, as life tends to be :)

thanks man, it was a fun ride so far indeed!

Welcome, fellow Berliner!

Thanks! Have you encountered other Berliners here as well? With more Berlin folks we could start a tiny meet-up at some point maybe?


Knows something about app & software development.
Read Fastlane!
Read Unscripted!
Jan 28, 2019
Very few Germans around in general (at least among the active members who share their location).

I already met with a Berliner from the forum already, so maybe we'll have more "meet-ups" if there will be "demand".


Great intro and looking forward to your wild ride!

Thank you very much!
I certainly will start an Execution thread or similar as soon as the Execution becomes more concrete :)

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