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INTRO Rebooting the reboot....

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New Contributor
May 10, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
I read MFL 5-6 yrs ago and it inspired a bunch of research and several failed attempts to start a side hustle while keeping my moderately well paying oilfield job. Felt pretty full of myself, things were starting to move and I was on top of my little chicken shit pile.

Got a girlfriend while on assignment overseas, wife disapproved. Got divorced. Got poor and very dark/ depressed. Did some self-help/ inner exploration work. Blew a lot of money being a divorced middle-aged guy looking to make up for ..... something.

Focused a bit more. Saved some pennies. Worked hard to find a new industry. After 18 months of networking, I was allowed to invest in a cannabis company in Vegas. Boom.

Shoddy due diligence (due to my ignorance around corporate valuation techniques), this company has beaucoups issues. It feels as if I've wasted my load, though I know there's still a chance this will turn around and be a winning bet.

Now, I have a little bit of my nest egg left. I had planned on living off of it for the next two years or so but now I want to use it to build another stream of income.

So, here I am... again, attempting to reboot my life and mental frame. Hopefully, you guys have left a little money out there for me to dig up.

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Feb 8, 2019
Florida, USA
Welcome and thank you for sharing. As MJ rightly points out, there's no shortage of money out there - just time. Screwing up and making mistakes is part of life. Sounds like you're trying to learn and grow from them. This is a great crowd and many valuable lessons to be had if you read and engage. I recommend you read UNSCRIPTED to help you get your head back in the game.

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