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INTRO Ready For 2019

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New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Dec 31, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Hello, very excited to be a part of this community. I look forward to the years of growth and trials of entrepreneurship, and the freedom that is a result of hard work and dedication.

A little bit about me and my entrepreneurship journey:

I am currently 23, a recent college graduate with no debt. I am one of the few in my family that has gone to college and have found that college was a place for me to excel and apply myself. It was a place where I changed my life, and although it is a different perspective than many in this forum- I found college to be my first step in entrepreneurship.

In high school, I slacked off. I didn't study for exams, didn't do homework, etc. I felt lucky enough to go to college and receive a substantial scholarship which, paired with the various jobs I held, allowed me to graduate without any student loans. I arrived at college with the mindset that I was going to completely reinvent myself- and I did.

In my 4 years I held various leadership roles, such as President of my fraternity, President of SGA, TEDx speaker etc. I learned a lot of interpersonal and organizational skills that I believe directly translate into running business teams and management tactics. As I graduated in May of 2018, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I worked at my family's business with the idea that I was taking a gap year and before graduate school (Program would start October 2019) and would work in a corporate position until then.

Then I read the Millionaire Fastlane.

Mind you, I felt that I had it all worked out. I was 100% going to go to grad school, get a kick-a$$ corporate job, make 85,000+ starting out at a consulting firm, ready and willing to work 60 hour weeks and climb the corporate ladder. But as I heard MJ's words in my head I realized that I have so many other goals and dreams that I want to accomplish other than making money- and I genuinely believed that I would eventually pursue those dreams after I made money. But where does it all begin? When would I "begin" to chase my dreams? Would I wake up one day, 50 years old with dreams out the window and a mid life crisis?

No. Not me.

I still have hope to go to graduate school, mainly because even if I had a billion dollars, continuing a formal education is something I would want to do for myself. (Call me crazy but it is what it is) Plus theres a chance I could receive a large scholarship that would pay for all my expenses. I'm taking grad school as a day by day decision and waiting to hear back from my potential scholarships.

I want to build a business that I can manage while also in school and or traveling. I know that it takes a large amount of work, and time commitment, and trust me when I say I have a general plan thats preparing for different outcomes. But, as it stands, I find myself here today on this forum.

I have started Unscripted, and have 2 main goals for 2019:

1. Write a book about my experiences in college and how to find the best return on investment for tuition. (Describing how I gained leadership in college, and give tips and tools on how to succeed for people that believe college is their best path in life)
2. Start a digital marketing business

I have ideas for both that I will eventually elaborate further on, but seeing how this is an introductory post I just want to say I am excited for this community and the year ahead.

Happy New Year!

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