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EXECUTION Progress update... life can be full of surprises

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Mario Hernandez

New Contributor
May 25, 2018
Hi all,

This is my second post here but there is so much to tell. I am not very good at updating my status anywhere and I try to spend time on other things. My last post was back in July when I was still employed in the corporate world. Today is my second day running my own business (sorry the first day I was getting a haircut). So yes, I left my cosy 9 to 5 job in the corporate world to set my own business.

It will be worth mentioning that I had a rather weird experience after my first post. I had a sudden income inflow of about £40K out of nowhere, this has never happened to me. Somehow I became a watch broker for a friend and managed to sell 6 Patek Philippe watches and got a nice commission out of those, £10k to be exact. And now the truly unbelievable... I guessed the Magic mystery sound and instantly won £30K. (magic is a radio station in the UK, and the magic mystery sound was pulling hair from a hairbrush if you wanted to ask) This is where the esoteric people reading this will say that I have some sort of special gift but nah... just your regular entrepreneur working his a$$ off and looking for that opportunity.

Ok so, fast forward to today... I did spend some of that money buying some stuff I needed, a ridiculously expensive bag for the wife and a trip to Disney Paris but that is pretty much it. I have never been the type of guy that spends all his money on stupid fasltlaner superficial junk but once you have some monies rolling in it is not as easy. Anyways, as soon as I won that money, I knew what I was going to do with it, and that was to set up my own business. I bought some equipment, built my webpage, registered the company and got the business bank account. Every step of the way and every new milestone I would repeat to myself " I am NOT action faking" this is for real. And bit by bit I started the actual process of setting up my own business... I do have some fancy presentation cards which are not cheap, but they have the purpose I want them to have (image, brand and perception of my company) But I do believe I am in the right track...

So I have been getting in touch with my known professional network to land that first juicy client and having a taste of working from home. I also went for a run but my back is not in great shape... plus I do have some extra pounds I am working to get rid off.

So here is the second part not so great, the one I have been worrying about since I decided to leave my job. This new venture of mine it is not so new, the idea already exists and I am basically setting up a company doing the exact same thing as I was doing before. I mean, I am my own boss and as soon as I have my own client base I will be able to lead a team and grow my own company with a good yearly revenue. What worries me is that this is not a moneymaking startup that will liberate me from the script and will allow me to retire at a young age. As MJ mentioned, managing a team of people will only keep me in the same loop. The only way I might be able to ascend to the unscripted heaven is if I grow the company enough to make money without me being there and I think that is the only way I have to achieve that.

Oh... you are still reading? Well here is my worry bonus number 2. I am recently married and I just learned 3 weeks ago that I will be a dad! I am truly excited and happy about it, don't get me wrong. I am at a good age to have kids and I don't think I will need too much money to raise this one. The family is very supportive plus my wife is a bargain hunter and I know that when the kid asks for the new iPhone25 we will laugh at his or her face (too early to know). But still, having a baby requires a lot of attention so I have around 7 more months to make this business float before the money runs out, the baby comes out demanding a live sacrifice to the money gods and I have to update my CV and I have to go back to the corporate world.

These are natural fears and being the first company I guess this is just normal, but I need to accept that these two hurdles need to be addressed. So if you have any recommendation, tip or advice, please share your thoughts.

So to close this thread I just want to mention that I am not giving up and will NOT give up. the hardest part is yet to come and lot's of challenges will come my way. I just hope to keep the good luck rolling on my side. As for me, I made myself a promise that I would work harder than ever before to archive what we are all here for and that is to leave the damn script behind.

that is all for now... but please share your advice if you have any.

and if you wanna have a look at the new company ...



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