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quit my job

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  1. richRich

    How to Make the Right Fastlane Decision in an Agony of Choices?

    My question for the WADM fortune teller was more concretely: "How can I provide for the family (Income) and still get the most out for my fastlane journey." The fastlane journey being an internet business or application of some kind. I want to start building this business from zero as soon as...
  2. Mario Hernandez

    EXECUTION Progress update... life can be full of surprises

    Hi all, This is my second post here but there is so much to tell. I am not very good at updating my status anywhere and I try to spend time on other things. My last post was back in July when I was still employed in the corporate world. Today is my second day running my own business (sorry the...
  3. jarvisdiego

    WEB SCHOOL My Journey as a Noob Web Designer

    WEEK 1 What's up everyone, My goal is to record my weekly progress as web designer until I reach $1M / year. I think that is a good way of measuring my success with this hustle. A little bit about me: I just turned 24 yo and I graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. After...
  4. F

    Should I quit my job before soft validation of the business idea?

    Hi there, It is not a surprise that after reading both TFM & Unscripted, and as having always had a entrepreneur mindset, I'm about to start the experience again. In the past I've held my own web agency for 5 years, but unfortunately, by then, I traded my time for money. And I traded a LOT of...
  5. Tom.V

    GOLD! Quit My Job, 3rd Time's the Charm: Trailer Park Edition

    Yesterday I quit my $xxx,xxx job so I can work on my business that has $xxx,xxx,xxx potential, full-time. Went smoothly, no hard feelings, learned a lot and provided a lot of value. It was actually not bad for a JOB, but not the environment for a guy like me to be able to really THRIVE. Enjoyed...
  6. rsmillion

    INTRO From Employee to Employer

    I had joined Fastlane forum a year back just after finishing the Millionaire Fastlane. It made a deep fundamental change in how I approach and why time is extremely valuable. I did not quit my job instantly, however, I did many "hard" preparations both financially, physically and mentally. I...
  7. A

    EXECUTION Quit my job

    So I quit my job. After my post a few months ago I unsuccessfully tried to work a long day, then come home to manage the family however there was no energy left in the tank at the end of it to dedicate to entrepreneurship. After several failed attempts I knew it was time to 'give up the good to...
  8. GeeTee

    INTRO Introducing Me - Mandatory Introduction Requirement

    TL:DR : I'm new. See journey below. I didn't really want to do an introduction because I've always been a dreamer and a talker, but not an executer, and I fear that I get enough of a kick from dreaming and talking that I never had to execute... and that if I talk without action, I'm not really...
  9. Major

    HOT TOPIC Where are all the Mobile Home Park Investors?

    Hey guys, been a little while since I have been active on this forum. This a great site. Have learned alot from many members on this forum. Just finished closing on my third mobile home park purchase and am loving it. Have 6 more in the pipeline coming up. This journey started five years ago...
  10. David11A

    INTRO David 24 yo Las Vegas (video included)

    Hey guys, I have a friend that recommended this forum and he said that there is a lot to learn here. I used to work in accounting after I graduated from college. I got a bachelors and a masters. After working, I hated it and moved across the country after quiting. Now I do Print-On-Demand...
  11. H

    Quitting my job

    Hello everyone. I'm currently a web developer and started designing around 7 years ago(took a web design class in HS and followed up with it on and off). I've been browsing this site for a few weeks and taken alot of notes. This site has allowed me to realize I've been lying to myself the...
  12. Danny Schaffer

    When did you decide to turn the side hustle into the main hustle?

    I'm on the verge of quitting my job to take on my side-project store full-time. Have come across some great eCommerce related info on how to make the transition from hobbyist to business owner. But really want to hear from actual business owners in all industries who've done it successfully or...
  13. Zen Dragon

    EXECUTION I have finally QUIT my job

    Hi everyone, Back in March 2014 I read the Millionaire Fastlane, and was inspired. My journey began. Now, 2.5 years later, I have finally come to fruition. By December 2016, my "side-business income" was matching dollar for dollar my 6-figure job income here in Sydney. So I quit my job. I'm...

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