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Product development of cosmetic product: manufacturing and testing

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Aug 12, 2017
Hi. I'm based in the UK and currently developing a cosmetic product. I have a few questions regarding manufacturing and official documentation/safety testing from people who have been through a similar experience?

From a labelling standpoint, regulations require that the manufacturing address should be placed on the label... however the manufacturing address is also my parent's home address (I am currently renting in another property and contractually cannot run a business from where I stay). I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem/a similar issue and what they did about it?

Common sense tells me that all safety testing/registering as a limited business is something should be in place prior to selling the product to ensure I am not personally liable from a safety standpoint (though it is highly unlikely anything could go wrong with this idea), however individuals on a few threads on this forum have suggested ensuring product viability by making a few sales before investing in this costly testing in the first place (which definitely makes complete sense from a business perspective). Again, it would be great to hear the experiences of people who have approached it from both angles and I would be particularly interested in knowing where these initial sales occurred if the product was being tested for viability before being officially tested and confirmed?

Not sure how many uk based cosmetic product fastlaners there are on this forum and getting an outsiders perspective on the questions above would be great too!

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Mar 8, 2018
Not in the industry so don't get excited :smile2:

Not sure if I can place links but i will attempt to anyway. (I promise it is not mine or anyone I know if there is some sort of rule about this)

How to Sell Your Products Legally - Soap Making Magazine

Anyway, the link is only one year old and UK based so I would imagine pretty current as we have not exited the EU.

The little list seems about right. I would have thought you need to jump through hoops to be allowed to sell something people will put on there skin and the list corroborates that.

The days of Anita Roddick knocking up gloop in her kitchen then choosing dark green to cover up the mould in her first shop are well and truly over. (Fantastic entrepreneurial story if you have read her biography)

By the way, I would phone a smallish company making soap or other cosmetics, and have maybe one shop, and ask them the hows and whats.

You will have your answers and some future contacts by the end of the week. (They may be future potential suppliers but you are only asking for info at this point so no reason for you to be nervous cold calling if you are nervous of that type of thing.)


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