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EXECUTION PLEASE HELP! What do you think of my website?

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Jun 20, 2016
Hi everyone, firstly thank you for taking time to look at this thread and help me out!

To provide some context - I'm building a software application for linkedin users and I'm in want of a website that can convey all the necessary information that my target audience needs to make a decision to install my application.

My space is incredibly competitive, so I'm torn between creating a 'legit' or professionally built website OR simply using a webflow/wix template that gets the job done. If I go with the 'legit' choice, it would entail me hiring a UI/UX designer from a website like to design the interface and then hiring a web developer to actually create the website; this would require a lot of time, money and effort, but ultimately it would probably increase my product credibility and buyer trust by a percentage (I'm unsure as to how much of an impact this would be....if I was certain, the decision would be easier to make).

If I go with just getting the job done via webflow or wix, it would save me a lot of time and allow me to focus on other matters. But I'm not so sure on the negative consequences, perhaps web visitors would see the product as less credible?

So can you please have a quick look at the website I've built so far and let me know if you feel it's professional enough, or if you think that it may be better to spend the money, time and extra effort on an even more professional/better looking website: click here to view.

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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
looks good


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Jan 12, 2016
Planet Earth
The website itself seems good but it's too wordy and doesn't communicate well what you are selling.

People don't want to build a contact list, they want to get the contact info a person they need to talk to. They don't care about how many people are on linkedin, and they don't care about how your software works.

Use the website to tell them how this benefits them, tell them they will be able to close their sales by getting in contact with the decision makers they need. Tell them this is how they can bypass the gatekeepers and secretaries. Speak to the people who will be using it and think like them.

Completely focus this page on getting them to sign up for the free trial, don't explain to them how to use the software on this page. When they sign up direct them to a page that explains how to use the software and download it.

You don't want to overload them with information.

Hope this helps!


Aug 4, 2013
The website itself looks legit, just a bit off with all the unnecessarily moving parts. It does help you to keep attention on it though. As said above, you should get to the point to what you are selling and what is provides as value.
Also: the support email is not clickable as a mailto, and the chrome extension link at the bottom doesn't work, while the one at the top of the page does.

Xavier X

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Jan 1, 2016
These United States
Hire someone on one of the freelance sites, for a few hundred dollars to create a self-hosted Wordpress site for you. I'd recommend they use Elementor within Wordpress.

That would offer a professional enough packaging to get your product off the ground. If it outgrows a Wordpress shell in the future, then that would be a good problem to have.

The current site's aesthetic looks good and professional. You just need to remove the animation from some sections. It is currently overused. Your logo is also too pixelated.

Overall, a good start.

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