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Pediatric dentist looking for entrepreneurial pediatrician


Jul 3, 2016
Hello- I’m a full time practicing pediatric dentist in Oklahoma with a portfolio of multifamily rental properties on the side.

I’m looking to create a pediatric medical/dental business that allows the founders to serve a huge need while providing financial freedom without being bound to clinical practice.

If you or someone you know is a pediatrician or pediatric health care provider and would be interested in a possible collaboration please message me!

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Jul 3, 2016
Hey Doc, welcome to the forum. Be sure to check out the about section, as this post does violate the forum rules.

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Thanks for the message. I don’t mean to violate anything but I’m not sure my post is soliciting anything other than for a like minded forum member to contact me. If that is not allowed then I am misreading the rule and can adjust my post.

If I explain my start up, change the title and remove the line about people contacting me would that satisfy the rule?

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Apr 17, 2018
Your headline made me imagine a Very Special Movie Of The Week about some specialists who found true love online.. and had a lot to smile about! ;-)

Your desired collaborators have to be licensed. Can you rent a mailing list from the Dental Board and send out a simple one page "Dear Colleague" sales letter, as a way to find who's willing to get into a business conversation with you?

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