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Jan 25, 2016
Curitiba, Brasil
Hello everybody. My name is Gabriel, I'm from Curitiba, Brazil.

I love the TMFL and UNSCRIPTED philosophy deeply. I see so much intelligence and power in both of them. MJ is the man. I recommend them as my favorite books! They carry so much truth and knowledge on them that's almost unbeliveable.

I must admit, though, that I am still a shameful action-faker =(

I've just turned 28 and I have a regular sad job that luckily allows me to make a good money and spend literally 90% browsing the web and learning and reading and doing whatever. At home my situation is very suitable too, I don't have many worries, live a comfortable life, have a beautiful girlfriend focused on freedom and development and some money saved. I also have a lot of free time when I'm not at work. In fact almost I my time is free.
For some years now I've absolutely decided to focus on financial freedom as the only possible lifeway. By the time I read TMFL for the first time, back in 2013 I think, I already ultimately freedom impressed on my mind.
Since them I have improved myself mostly on self development issues, becoming very energetic and healthy, very organized and efficient, surrounded myself with fewer and fewer and better friends and no disturbance only support and like-minded people blah blah blah.. I've become quite obsessed with it and consider myself kind of a very prepared person to act on any front.
Ok. So I have plenty of luck and opportunities but I haven't started a single business so far. I can't choose a way to follow. I have overcome any desire to have a perfect routine and balance to get there and I am focusing now on pure action, unbalanced and unscripted! Trying to choose something and act!

Life is so wonderful and beautiful that overcoming financial slavery is like a real life graduation, in which I'll be able to follow dreams, be very helpful to the world, study subjects deeply and wholeheartedly. Trading hours for money on a deficitary way is so lame and mediocre that it hurts me deeply. For years I suffer to come to work, I see the days passing right thru me and I can't find strenght to overcome it. Although having a comfortable life I've got some serious family issues that drive my purpose and meaning very forward, but something still blocks me from action. Besides the family issues, I have strong dreams of a free perfect life for me and my loved ones.

I've been circling around in pure hipocrisy, doing very little on the actual path. I crave being busy but I can't decide on something to develop.

But I will, folks. I humbly declare that I've been a shameful action-faker and that it's about to change. That's gone, I mean!

Nice being here. The forum is great. Please welcome me and please don't believe in my promises. Wait for my actions and my execution being reported to you.

Love, gabriel.

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