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INTRO New Here - Current Business Owner

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by GoldOne, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. GoldOne

    GoldOne New Contributor

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    Aug 3, 2018
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    My name is Brad I am in my early 30's for the sake of this forum. I have been in a brick and mortar style business for four years now. It is very successful generating very good money and as you guessed I would like to have more. I am opening another totally different business in another city which involves gambling (Its Legal - you should see the headache i'm going through with the city). This new venture opens around end of August this year, if all goes well I will be tripling my current income but that is still not enough.

    The way I got into the business is years of working for the person who is now my Korean "Uncle" and mentor. To make a long story short is I was presented with a choice by him to either continue working for him or go on my own via loan by him (Big Loan - It was very scary to see that number at the time).

    So why am I here? I am interested in exploring other business opportunities, businesses I know very little about. My goal is to get onto the next level and start thinking to myself "Jeez I remember making X amount if only I knew this earlier." I am looking for a mentor, I have funds and just purchased my first commercial property. I put a hefty deposit on the commercial property last month so my cash funds are limited at the moment but I'll have it back in a few months.

    Please note: I've had enough book suggestions, I don't read many books if any at all. I like to actually do. If I could write, I could probably write one myself.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
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  2. Tanu1234

    Tanu1234 Contributor

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    Aug 4, 2018
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    Really interesting and inspiring.

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