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Terry Jensen

New Contributor
Sep 17, 2017
Redding, CA
How's it going? My name is Terry Jensen, it's a pleasure to fraternize.

I am a married, 40-something-year-old man with 2 teenage boys (1 in college, 1 in high school at the time of this post). I am a business owner, marketer, and long time basketball coach who is always up for a business-based bullshit session around a fire pit with good friends and cold Coors Light.

Basketball is metaphor for life in my humble opinion, and it has been a sense of inspiration and motivation for me since I was 10 years old. I play, coach, and quite simply love the game. You might have guessed, my boys play too. My oldest son has even starting coaching too. The game is in our blood. Oh ya, my wife was a basketball cheerleader in high school when we met. ;)

Currently, I am in Year 1 of launching my latest venture... BridgeHouse Marketing. Although at the time of this post, I still hold a full time sales and marketing manager position with an up-and-coming manufacturer. But as a coach in the general sense of the word, my real passion is helping people succeed. Whether it's shooting 90% from the free throw line or increasing month-over-month revenue by 90%, I still get the same adrenaline rush from making it happen.

Before I wrap up, here's my crazy-a$$ real story about self-education...

I've always been self-motivated. But I was never a book reader, more of an Internet savant. In February of 2015, out of the blue, I got really sick. Some sort of flu thing, felt like death really. It damn near killed me, 7 straight days of high fevers, relentless coughing, and zero sleep because I could only doze off sitting upright. Then, finally, it broke. I was weak for a few more days, but bounced back. Suddenly however, I had a profound thirst for reading. I bought books, then I bought more books, and I read every chance I could get. In 8 months, I read 52 books on topics such as investing, marketing, iconic biographies, SEO, accounting, mindfulness, and history. It changed my life, in more ways than one. I found some internal peace, my blood pressure lowered, and I looked at teaching, learning, and life in a whole new brilliant light. The point is, who knows why things happen? At the end of the day, you just have to make things happen. So, here I am.

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Terry Jensen

Terry Jensen

New Contributor
Sep 17, 2017
Redding, CA
Any chance 1 of those books was the one which this forum is based?
Indeed, yes. I finished The Millionaire Fastlane about two weeks ago and I'm 70% through Unscripted at the time of this post. I am proud to admit that since my initial post roughly 9 months ago, I have built BridgeHouse Marketing up to a monthly net profit that surpassed the income from my job - which means - May 31 will signify my last day on the job and my a$$-kicking foray back into the world as an independent business owner.

I found The Millionaire Fastlane profoundly interesting, as it was based on a contrarian stance on many of the books I have read (and enjoyed). My goal with books is to, at the very minimum, extract three nuggets of transformational information. In my humble opinion, this goal establishes means for change, and if powerful enough, means for establishing habit. Although you (MJ) blast away at conventional slowlane methods highly praised in other books by world renowned authors, it was a clever and forehead-smacking reminder to stay vigilant in the hunt for passive income by way of solving problems, providing value, and acting fast. Early chapters left me debating against what I was reading, but later with the realization that these initial shock & awe tactics are simply means to momentarily shift the mindset and allow for a new roadmap that diversifies slowlane methodology with fastlane tactics.

It also validates the soul-crushing truth that we all try desperately to disprove. That is, working for the man will never, ever lead to flipping the blinker and merging into The Millionaire Fastlane. While I knew this, and know this, I challenged it all the same for years (despite owning businesses of my own during and in between terms of employment). Although I don't recall MJ ever saying it directly, it is critically important to remember this book is developed for those people whose mind races with doing things differently despite the lack of a crystal clear realization or exact blueprint for doing so. It's hard work that wins the day, not quick, do-nothing pill swallowing that makes the millionaire. Well, I am happy to admit that the chains are broken and my self-education is fuel for the next of many phases of wealth accumulation (I will do my best to report as such in another 9 months).

My advice to other Fastlane FNG's is to diversify your reading, focus on your trade skill, and remain open to anything and everything that inspires you. Also, read The Millionaire Fastlane. You're welcome.


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