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Need critique on my marketing strategy

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Sep 3, 2017
My product is of a similar nature to Sprayground: SPRAYGROUND | Bags & Accessories
Fashion-niche, highly visual, young female target market (actual product is slightly more niche than this)

After some study of successful brands and reading some of the posts here, I come to the conclusion that fashion-based products = all about brand story + status. The design itself is important, but status is the factor that makes people want to buy it.

Brand story in this context = what my brand stands for, why it exists etc.
Status = what the customer will get in return when she uses my product. Basically, street cred, social proof for the user etc.

For brand story, I've come up with a story behind my brand, and will be telling the products' story via photography of women using my products doing related things (literally a story lol).

As for status, the way to sell fashion-based products via that is to let influential people use it, and let your target market see that.
After they see all that, then add in goodies like free shipping to entice them further.

Thus, based on the thinking above, I'm thinking of a 2-prong approach:

1) Influencers on Instagram
  • I'll use my brand story and pitch my concept to attract influencers that have between 50K to 500K followers (only those with high comment count). These influencers will post a photo of themselves using my product, and I'll also post those pics on my IG and website. When people see the influencer using and mentioning/tagging my product, in theory, they'll click the tag and go to my IG page ---> link in bio ---> website
  • I'm not sure how these mid-tier influencers will convert potential customers into paying ones. If the influencer is TV celebrity-level, sure, but.....

2) Carpet bombing via social media ads ---> drive them to my website
  • Use striking visuals and display them to a broad audience initially (all females aged 17 - 40 in the US) on FB and IG, and drive them all to my site, where there's an ocean of pretty visuals waiting for them to suck them in. This is to maximize the Reach (ie: how many people see my product)
  • Upon reaching my site, there's this wheel of fortune popup thing to collect e-mail addresses
  • For fashion products, especially those that are high on brand story, I feel that using stuff like "GET IT NOW!" and "25% OFF TODAY" on the ads actually cheapens the brand.
How does this all sound? If anyone is in a similar niche or has done these above, would love to hear your views! All I've wrote above are just theories from my mind, I'll be executing in a couple months time.

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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Sounds good, have you considered maybe renting a booth in the mall? There was a company launch not to long ago in the biggest mall here , simple makeup brand that had a free makeup event and played music with photographs. Imo when you deal with luxury brands you need to play into feeding consumers ego and make them feel good and important. Especially with teen girls. I’d say the vast majority of teens growing up now are insecure and if you can make them “feel good” about them self’s I believe you could pull it off.

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