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How to organize, categorize and store market echoes

Captain Acidhead

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May 1, 2019
Hi all,

I'm looking to create an app, and currently am talking to my target audience in several facebook groups and a couple forums.

Features are being suggested. Complaints are being made about other products. Insights given on what people's lives are like, and how they currently solve their problem.
Sometimes people warn me that my effort is pointless, because they have never found any app to be useful enough to keep using.

I made a questionnaire on Typeform where I ask people to mark the features that would be useful to them. I plan to add the ideas that others suggested to that questionnaire, so the features I hadn't thought of can be voted on by strangers. So far only 1 person has answered my questionnaire (out of 7 who clicked the link), so I need to spread it around a lot more.

How do I organise all this information? MJ says he kept in a little black book. But that seems impractical to me. There's so many kinds: feature requests, complaints about competitors, general complaints about life that give insight in the problem, tips and workarounds, warnings, ...

So far I've been pasting people's messages into a OneNote page, but that's quickly becoming a big mess of text. Not easy to spot commonalities and pattern echoes that way.

I'd appreciate any tips you guys have about medium (apps? physical notebook?) and categorization and ways of indexing that you use for this.

Or am I overthinking it, and should I just write it all down and then go with my gut?

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May 7, 2019
When Demarco said Black Book in his book, its like Life Manuel which includes money management, time management, marketplace, and all behind-the-scene problem and issues with best possible answers. He did this in his old days with a journal/dairy with pen and it takes years of years of work. There is no finish line unless you make it the finish line

In These modern days its known as "Swipe Files" by using Evernote.

You can use MS Word, or Ever Note, or Google Drive
Start Collecting Data and Create a Prototype
You have to do this in your way, not copying from people all the time

It like going to the gym 3 times a week As a Bare Minimum

Captain Acidhead

New Contributor
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May 1, 2019
Sure yeah that makes sense, thank you.

Still the question remains: what categories to use? How to index.

Here's my current Trello lists: 28100

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