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How To Be Happy - Insights From My Twenties

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May 18, 2019
Hey everyone, I wanted to share some insights with you that I had throughout my twenties on the topic of happiness.

I was a very angry, miserable, depressed kid in my younger years, but I managed to overcome it.

Right now, I'm loving life and I almost never have any bad days. Sure they may come every now and then, but they don't last very long. I think my mental and emotional health is one area i really excelled in as I reached my late 20's - early 30s.

I made this post back in 2020 on social media and it appeared to help some people out. I hope some of these insights help all of you in some way.
if you have anything to add to this list, then please do. We're all here to help each other :)

  • Work on your self-esteem and self-worth
  • Continuously learn about your psychology
  • Update your beliefs to healthy beliefs
  • Accept your past and move forward
  • Seek therapy (CBT, Mindfulness, etc)

  • Develop strong values and principles
  • Develop strong boundaries
  • Embrace your passions, desires, and hobbies
  • Do Shadow work
  • Learn how to create the reality you want
  • Never compare yourself to others
  • Take full self-responsibility. Never be the victim

  • Work on your emotional intelligence
  • Practice mindfulness -
  • Learn about the limbic system of the brain
  • Learn about meditation
  • Learn about Bioenergetics
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings
  • Deal with past trauma

  • Use social media sparingly. Don't let it use you -
  • Don't become addicted to your smart phone
  • Never let online relationships fully replace real life relationships
  • Stay away from online drama
  • Use technology to educate, connect and build your brand online


  • Lift weights
  • Run
  • Eat good food
  • Take up a sport
  • Do Yoga
  • Do Martial Arts
  • Just start moving your body!

  • Learn how society is influencing you in a negative way
  • Stay away from politics as much as you can
  • Stay away from the news as much as you can
  • Stay away from pop culture
  • Unwire your mind from societal conditioning


  • Find your purpose
  • Dream big
  • Work hard to make those dreams come true
  • Find a mentor
  • Baby step your way to success
  • Use trial and error to make dreams become a reality
  • Read and educate yourself continuously

  • Learn about sales and marketing
  • Start your own online business
  • Invest in the stock market
  • Invest in crypto
  • Build a brand
  • Learn high income skills

  • Have a good support group (friends, family, online etc)
  • Filter out low value people from your life ASAP
  • Stay away from negative influences
  • Have a pet
  • Try to mend family relations if it's healthy to do so
  • Find a good partner

  • Learn about presence
  • Learn about energy
  • Learn about meditation & yoga
  • Learn about the ancient teachings of our ancestors

  • Stay away from drugs
  • Stay away from excessive alcohol
  • Stay away from toxic people
  • Stay away from toxic environments
  • Stay away from toxic partners
  • Stay away from anything that brings you down in a negative way
Image limit reached - cant add anymore pictures :)

There are lots of practices that go into your happiness. However, if you work at it every day, all of this will become second nature to you.
Keeping working hard, spread the love & keep helping each other out :)

I'll continue to update this thread when i find my old diaries. There are some more important points that I missed, such as sleep, which is a big one.

Anyway, I hope this is of value to you all. Feel free to add anything to this list

Stay awesome

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