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Jan 22, 2020
My name is Jordan from Alberta Canada. I am currently a farmer and truck driver. I used to have my own dumpster rental business for approximately 3 years. The business was basically a break even and i eventually decided to sell. It was a great learning experience though not a major success by any means.

After i sold my business i decided I wanted to learn about the stock market as i have always had interest in how it worked and how to invest in it. At that time I really didn't believe i could actually come to understand it but i decided to pick up a book and start reading. I soon figured out it was hard to find time to read as much as i would like, so i got the idea to listen to audio books while I was trucking which gave me a whole knew world to gain knowledge. This made it possible for me to easily listen to 30-40 books per year and many podcasts. Okay so back to the point it took me about a year and half and more than 30 books on stock market investing and personal finance to get confident taking complete control of my my families finance and investments. This was a breakthrough for me because i learned something I didn't believe I was capable of. This took me from the sidewalk to the slow lane. This gave me confidence to believe i could learn more that believed was out of reach.

I got interested in learning how to earn an income online because i seen how amazing the margin was and the ability to quit trading time for money. At this point my beliefs had totally changed, i used to think extremely successful people had a great amount of luck and being in the right time and place and maybe just a small amount of process that got them there. I now know that is bullshit and the complete opposite way around. Anyway i started listening to books on how to make an income online and read on forums like this one.

I eventually stumbled upon Sean Marshall's course on starting a digital marketing agency I ended up doing about 60% of the course but gave up when i could not make a sale. I want to be clear that Sean Marshall gives all the tools you need to succeed and i believe he has a great course on digital marketing, but i couldn't get past my own roadblocks to use them. The reason i didn't make a sale is because i made 1 sales outreach. One f*cking sales outreach. I made excuses and didn't push through. I'm here learn how to get out of my own way and actually make it to success. I know that i'm the problem because i understand how we have great access to all the information we need but is useless if we don't do something with this.

Fast forward to today and I'm currently working on an business idea i had before i tried digital marketing. Along my journey of personal finance I took many ideas for cash flow and budgeting and used trial and error to find what worked, this took some serious time and effort but eventually i came to a process that made it so i didn't have to think about what i can afford or wonder if my future goals would be reached. My system (process) made it so i don't have to mark down every week what i spent in each category, while still spending within my means and its all 95% automatic, i have to spend about 5-6 hours per year adjusting inputs to the system when something like income or debt changes. I'll get to the point, i can't find any system like mine in the market and i believe it could serve the majority of the population quite well. There is definitely a big need for it as most people in Canada and US are actually on the sidewalk and not even in the slow lane and i blame this mostly on the script we are taught to believe. Here's my plan, i want to commit to try to simplify personal finance and help as many people as i can. i believe this is best done through online strategies. I'd like to start with creating extremely valuable free content through podcasting, blogging and youtube. I also plan to create paid courses that will help other people get their finances together. Now i know what your wondering, what am i actually DOING about it. Well i have had 2 close friends ask to help them use my system to better there finances and i'm working with them so i can get a real look at what the market thinks of my product/service and if it is easily applied to other peoples situations. I'd like to get even another 2-3 people to work with before i dive right into the online side.

Here's what i know now, i truly want to help people and solve problems, i also know that if i want to succeed i have to make a long term commitment early on and know that no matter what i will continue to learn and overcome any obstacles i have. If you got to the end i thank you for reading my story, I'm here because i know that i'm the problem and i don't want to look back on my life and wonder what if, so i'm doing everything i can to breakthrough my own boundaries.

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