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Oct 27, 2020
To start off, thank you or whoever approved this account. its really nice to finally speak to you.

My name is Christopher.

I'm 19, hate the idea of serving a corporate boss instead of serving the market with my ambitions, and want the next generations of my family to never endure the pain of trading time for money.

I learned about you and this forum through your books, all of which left me with a different mindset when it comes to money. The first time I read the millionaire Fastlane I had already planed on starting a drop-shipping business that specialized in fitness equipment. But when I came across the chapter that discussed business hitch hiking it sent me through a roller-coaster of emotions. first, I nervously denied that drop-shipping wasn't hitch hiking at all and stopped reading your book. I felt like I couldn't trust whatever your book had to say after that.

I then decided to take a walk outside to clear my mind of what I just read and get my confidence back.

But the opposite happened...

halfway through my mile I began to realize that what you stated was true. I would have relied on a company that would have the keys to my income and could demand whatever it wanted. But instead of being fired into action and brainstorming, I fell into a dark depression for about six months. that drop-shipping business model was going to be my saving grace. everything I ever wanted. And now it was proven to be impossible.

I lived in gluttony. Eating pizza and playing video games every night became my new normal. given up on my dreams, I just said: "screw it, ill just save up enough money later on and buy real estate".

I stopped focusing on my video games and pizza and started focusing on my A.S.V.A.B. studies and fitness again, as I stilled wanted to live life at least A LITTLE bit disciplined.

However, something happened at work one day. I work at an auto parts store called O'reilys. I'm sure you already know about it. they have this company saying that reads:

"Driven to TEN, we ALL win!"
The statement means once the company reaches ten billion in profits, it'll be a major milestone for the company.

one day while I was helping a customer with an alternator my boss came up to me and gave me something. apparently the company had reached its goal that day. so was it a ribbon? was it a bonus check? was it a promotion? nope.

It was a "ceremonial coin" from the CEO that stated "Mission accomplished".

No. I'm not joking.

In ENGLISH however, it actually translated to: "Thank you for giving up on your dreams to make mine come true, peasant. Now get back to work." it enraged me for the rest of that day. I imagined and fantasized myself shoving the coin down his throat and tossing him off a building.

But I remembered what you said in your book about choices. I work at O'reilys because I choose to do so. yes I do have bills to pay. yes I do need to eat. but at the end of the day I was the one who chose to give up and live a mediocre life.

I sat at my desk and brainstormed ideas that could obey the Fastlane commandments, and came up with a genius idea that still fills me up with hope to this day.

And that billionaire idea is...…. not going to be stated in this post.

Instead of telling you what my idea is, I want you to put the pieces together as I use this forum as a daily progress report. ill give you a few hints though.

ill need to learn HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT first.

My goal is to grow a company into a billion dollar asset and sell it in a liquidation event.

It will take about ten years, maybe less. because its industry is in seriously high demand and will keep growing that way.

I will begin work as soon as I post this thread but will post my first entry tomorrow. see you then!

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