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Hello everyone, I am a new spanish fastlaner


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Dec 12, 2017
Hello everyone,

I just want to introduce myself, and before speaking about me, I want to say sorry for my english, it is not very good but I am improving it.

My name is Nahuel Cassino, I live in Spain and I just finish the Millionaire Fastlane , and I am so excited. I always had many thoughts different to everyone I knew, and I always think that I was the strange so I suscribe to the slowlane, because I dont know anything else. I was saving from my paycheck, trying to work more hours or finding a second job for earning more money, etc.

When I find the book I was a little bit afraid because of the lenguage, I understand english but in a low level, and never before with economics o entrepreneur terms. But I decide to take action, and with the book, google translator (and other dictionaries like economics or urban dictionaries) and a notebook where I wrote all the words I didnt understand (with the spanish translation) and the phrases I liked the most, most of them from MJ, but also the quotes of the starting chapter.
After a month I finished, and with all the Knowledge I feel powerfull and prepared to start "my process" working working working for me, for my future.

I also feel a little bit afraid because now there is no excuse, I cant tell me that I dont Know what to do or what to seek. Now I know the comandments, the fastlane, and its time to take action, and to repeat than action in the time until many little actions create something bigger. But this fear is a tailwind to me, because I am not afraid of fail, I am afraid because now I am scaping my confort zone and going "to dance", and that put on me all the responsability, of doing and thriving or not doing and continue without movement.

Because of that I am writting this also, to take a commitment with all of you, The Fastlane Community. A commitment of working and take action repeatedly in the pursuit of a fastlane bussines model. And a commitment of continue learning from the fastlane and giving away also my knowledge to the fastlane comunity. I am very happy that is a Forum like this full of people that understand the fastlane and all the environment, so I want to contribute to the comunity, and also to learn from everyone that gives away his or her knowledge and experience.

Thank u for reading,

I hope you are great

We continue!!

PD: Sorry for my english, I do my best, I will be better with time and repeated action :)
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