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INTRO Hello! Ditched the Slowlane Dogma, In Hot Pursuit of TUNEF

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Nov 22, 2017
TL;DR: Hello! 25 year old Canadian w/ small side business happy to have found these books and this forum. Minimum wage jobs until after college, then discovered MJ. Mind-shift= life changed. Now looking to provide value and change my family's life. Pleasure to meet you.

Hi everyone,

I've spent the better part of the past ten years action-faking while searching for the "right book, idea, opportunity, etc" that would allow me to begin living the life I envisioned. Needless to say, I have spent the last ten years mostly disappointed in myself. I'm 25 years old now, married with 2 kids and a third being born in a couple months (my first daughter!!). I want to truly be the man my wife and kids see when they look at me.

While allowing myself to be programmed by the doctrine of Robert Kiyosaki, David Chilton, and others of that persuasion, I knew something was off. Future riches? Disciplined frugality to the point of suffering? 10% each month till 65? I'll be old then. Or dead. I'm too impatient and too full of life to accept that. Besides, I love Starbucks coffee! (Just kidding! But not really.) Despite that gnawing feeling that I was being lied to, I did indeed accept it and beat myself down to believe I had no other options. You can imagine my relief when I realized it was all a scam. And as the best closer in NYC says, when you have a gun to your head, you still have options.

I had kids shortly after graduating high school (which stopped the lesser me back then from pursuing a degree), and worked minimum wage for 5 years. Dish-washing, janitor, factories, disaster restoration, and a shipping warehouse were the scenes of my life. I'm not knocking them--they're just not my prime choices for how I wish to spend my days. So I decided when I was 23 to go to college and escape that minimum wage life. So I did it. I was hired before I graduated into a field that now pays me more than double what I have ever earned in my life. It's a good base. Beautiful feeling (except the student debt haha), but I digress.

While in college, I also started a side-hustle with my wife. It doesn't adhere to the CENTS model, but I did not know about that when I started this business. We handcraft products that sell on Etsy (violating all of the commandments except need and sort ). We use our profit to pay down debt and pay bills. It's been a great educational experience.

When I discovered MJ's work, I realized that I can do better than I am. With business, but also as a man. My family deserves better than the life I am currently providing. Aside from that motivator, I also have immense value to offer the world. However, this will not be achieved with the way I currently am. I am undisciplined, a little lazy, and a lot of other not great things. But the good exists, too, and the parts of me I choose to feed are the ones that lead the way.

Thanks for reading, and I am happy to share the pursuit of life and liberty with all of you.


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