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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Aug 10, 2019
I'm very happy to have found this community. I just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and the natural progression from that is to join the community here.
I've been seeking a way to the fastlane for a long time. I served 10 years in the USAF and got out about 16 months ago. I've pretty much done everything in life a$$ backwards. Went to college, got a useless degree (BA in Political Science), got my a$$ handed to me by life. Joined the military and excelled there, but I was older (enlisted at 25), enlisted with a degree, and eventually struggled to make ends meet. My wife an I were blessed with twins 8 years ago, and let me tell you, raising them on an E-4/E-5/and even E-6 salary, as the only income source was brutal.

Anyway, I went to grad school my last 5 years in uniform and got two master's degrees, which paved the way for me to (I thought) make "big money." Turns out "big money" really isn't any money at all. It's barely even good money, especially when I've made practically every financial mistake you can think of as an adult. I've been working as a defense contractor/data scientist for my old command here in North Carolina since I got out. Once I realized that I was a literal slave to the fat executives who do nothing, while I'm expected to constantly perform and learn more and more technical skills, I decided I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life doing this--trading 168 hours a month for 13 hours of PTO. I'm a wage slave. My company keeps 80% of the revenue I generate on a daily basis just by literally having my butt in a chair at work. All I get is uncertainty about whether or not our contract will be extended or if I'll be looking for another job soon.

I decided being broke and working with people I mostly detested was no way to spend the rest of my working life. I actually heard MJ on the Michael Savage show a couple of years ago, but only decided to get the book last week. I felt like it was addressed specifically to me. Mindblowing truths hit me between the eyes.

I attempted to freelance as a data scientist this year and failed utterly. Since reading the book, I'v decided that my best course of action is to utilize my programming and web dev skills to create digital products that can help make lives better. Not exactly sure what that looks like yet, but I'm on the path now. I'm looking forward to learning from those of you who have traveled this fastlane and mastered the processes behind it.

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