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New Contributor
Mar 20, 2019
Hey fastlaners my name is Can and I'm from Germany.
I'm almost 25 years old and f*cking glad that I decided to listen to MJ's books.

Started with Entrepreneurship in May of 2016 when I was 22. One of the first books I read was Kiyosaki's Rich Dad. Afterwards I read T Harv Eker's "Millionaire Mind". Looking back these 2 books set a solid foundation for me and my thinking. Even though he was always trying to upsell you to a seminar in his book, it was pretty good. But that's what I was doing all day. Reading, watching guru's on the Internet and procrastinating like crazy. But looking back, I believe that I had to go through that crap for my personal process.

At that time I was going to Uni and did what Internet guru's told me to do. Had none to small successes with that.

I was always looking for the next easy thing and wanted to make a quick buck. In late 2016 I joined an American MLM company which was the cringiest 4 months of my life. Not only did I lose 900 Euros of my precious freedom fighters (approx 1000USD), the company also told us we were "entrepreneurs". Yeah, cuz making somebody else richer while paying them 200 dollars a month and talking to some people on Instagram and getting them to sign up is what entrepreneurs do all day. NOT.

But the heaven/Universe/whatever you wanna call it, sent us MJ's books and it may sound a bit stubborn but I am not gonna waste my time reading another business related book at the moment. Rather listening to these books over and over again. I have listened to Unscripted while delivering beverages (which I quit) and now I'm listening to TMF . But these 2 books along with the basics from previous books are what I needed. This taught me more than 3 years of studying Business in University (which I also quit). At least College is free here. Well you get what you pay for. NOTHING applicable for your own business.

Your books, MJ, made me see procrastination and the "wantrepreneur" lifestyle as kind of a disease. I avoid it wherever I can. I had the easy route the last 3 years and nothing has changed. There was a term Americans use when you instantly implement the stuff you've learned, but I've forgotten it. But that's what I'm gonna do. Implement stuff instantly and if I dont know something, uncle Page invented Google.

Oh and if you're new and are scared that you can't come up with a "business idea", just look out for problems. Especially problems with existing products/services. You train that problem solving muscle and you'll come up with TONS of ideas I promise. Sometimes I look at a flower for example and think "how can I make this flower better" ...

MJ wrote: "Only in a Utopian world are there no problems, needs, or wants. Everyone is happy. Content and roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Whining about not seeing ideas is admitting to world perfection. Or is the more likely answer? That there aren’t any easy problems, needs, or wants to be filled?
People who don’t see opportunity can't see it because they don’t want to see what they need to see: unknown variables, new skills, hard work, trial and error, risk, and failure. Instead, they look for something that doesn’t exist: the clear path, the step-by-step blueprint, complete with a millionaire mentor, a VC-funded bank account, and a fail-safe job waiting as a safety net. No wonder most people are idea-empty."

Thank you for reading my post. I'm happy to be here and get to know you guys. May the force be with us!


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B is for Beast
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jul 16, 2015
Chicago, IL
Welcome Can, that's your name cause you CAN instead of CAN'T and you're a DOER instead of a DONT'er right? RIGHT?! GET IT?*Pun patrol crashes into the office*

Make sure you visit all the good, golden threads, there's a hecking ton of incredible useful information and awesome peeps in this community. Start small, just start. :)



Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Mar 27, 2019
Great to see some more germans here! its a shame that the books arent available in german.

the german "entrepreneuship" culture is very very weak. 80% of german culture is scripted "work work work and dont look left and right" and 20% is getting rich quick, searching for shortcuts, searching for "the next big thing" hey maaan lets combine blockchain with drones!

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