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New Contributor
Apr 12, 2018
Hey guys,

I posted my introduction and am now posting an execution thread here.

As before I am working towards entering the top 20% and subsequently the top 4% of the company I'm working for, and from there build (multiple) businesses and earn my freedom. Ultimately when I'm walking around processing after a long day, I imagine what it would be like to completely break the game and be earning 100k per month passively.

That being said, for execution here are some things.

-I have about 10-15 books and notes I'm compiling into one place into a life manual for retention.
-i have found a business mentor and am working to get to his nuclear membership when the time is right. there's also a mastermind group I'm working with, but I definetly need to get some ideas.
-i really liked the post that one guy made in FLF whos real young and want to find a mentor in rwal life who makes 8 figures, as well as do toast masters
-sell all most of my things that I don't really use like books and musical instruments, and clothes to get out of debt quicker. I can always buy them later.
-master good health habits. so important for my job.

First and foremost, the goal is to get to 29-34 sales per week. I have plenty of tools it as usual comes down to the homework, focus and what I put into it. after that bump it to 50 per week. In order to get the most sales in a day for the company, one has to hit 30 or so in 6 hours. The quest to these levels will obliterate my debt and get my away from being that one something from disaster.

Also would love to completely embed the mindset that all there is is the work that needs to be done.
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New Contributor
Apr 12, 2018
Too much red tape and jeapordization at my sales job to hit the numbers I want. Plus all of the other things the book is founded upon.

Will be looking for side hustles here. Like that recent video said no time to be picky.

I've got to maintain 10 full sales per week at this job which equals around 600$ peek after tax before expenses. Just 50$ per day will get me into paying debts and back on track. Ramping from there the sooner the better. There seems to be a real conflict of interest at this job.


New Contributor
Apr 12, 2018
Signed up for toastmasters and did a job interview.

Unless my current job gets shut down I've decided to take the upstart effort that would go into that and dump it into my current job. Something about it just resold me on how so much is all perspective/open to interpretation and just getting my routine and regiment/choices together that lead to doing the work and having the capacity to do so.

Itd be nice to quit my job so I can safely ask out this girl who works in the same building and seems to like me.

I think I found 2 services to try that were are natural offshoots of skills I already have, and skills I can acquire more deeply from the day to day life I'm already living.

Hoping to connect with others in a similar path, and in a small way compete/support eachother which seems to be a missing link at times.

This year I've isolated myself from family to clear my mind and get a fresh start on my philosophy and be my own sovereign man.

Something the interviewers kept saying that hit home is that it's a career not a job. That connected some dots for me and my mentality for making the most with what I have, helping me find the remote that wasn't lost, it was just stuck in the couch between the cushions. although maybe not the way they it intended, it was very helpful.


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