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Don't bother going to this seminar

Discussion in 'Education, Learning, Books' started by Leigh Farrell, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Leigh Farrell

    Leigh Farrell New Contributor

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    Nov 27, 2017
    Adelaide, South Australia
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    Hi Peeps,
    I was recently invited to a free seminar by a friend of mine who asked me to come with her. The seminar was supposed to be about online marketing and ecommerce. Being a free seminar, i knew there would be a sales pitch at some point (which is fine) but i was expecting they'd provide some value and teach us something to make it worth our time.
    I was wrong.
    It was a 2 and a half hour sales pitch about a company called Mobe.
    Basically, you pay them $997 US and in exchange they give you 3 days training on how to run online ads which send traffic to your affiliate link on their website, selling their digital products, on the hope of getting a commission.
    They showed slide after slide (of the same 15 or so people) with novelty checks with 5 and 6 figures written on them, and the standard disclaimer *results not typical*.
    At the end, the nice people even offered a discount..... 2 tickets for $499US. Woooooow!
    My friend asked me what i thought of the ''opportunity''.
    Thanks to TMF and Unscripted i was able to explain to her why this was a bad idea (control, low entry barrier, value proposition, the paradox of practice, etc).
    When we left, they sent us home with a book. I thought ''aha, this must be the value we get for seeing the sales pitch''. I was wrong again. It's nothing more than marketing material for their affiliate program with sprinklings of ''useful info'' you'd find on YouTube.
    Thanks MJ. Your book just paid for itself 40 times over.
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