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EXECUTION Building an oral care startup...

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May 15, 2016
Hey guys, I'm going to start documenting my progress here since it will help keep myself accountable through this journey.

So far, I have a product idea where it will improve the oral health for kids. The problem I am solving is to make the process of brushing your teeth more fun so that kids that don't brush their teeth will actually enjoy the process. I won't get too much into the product, but it involves a some bit of engineering. Since I'm already an engineer by trade, it helps a lot in that I have exposure to what is possible. There will be electronics component, and a mobile app that works alongside it.

I have drew a rough sketch of it on paper. And I'm paying someone on fiverr for $40 to build me a 3D rendering of it. The reason I am starting with this step is because I want to use the model in my marketing material and try to pre-sell it (online & in person). I have a 3D printer that I can use at work, so I can also print out a physical model which helps when I'm sharing it with people in real life.

Right now, I am drawing up what the mobile app looks like. And doing more research on my target market so I can craft my messages carefully. I think I will host using Shopify, and will run FB ads, Google ads, and perhaps bing ads as well.

The market research/test will likely go on until March. By then if the numbers look good, I will turn off all my ads and start prototyping. Then reach out to manufacturer to get some samples. During the downtime, I will try to learn how to create a mobile app for it. The plan is to launch closer to Nov/Dec of this year, on Kickstarter. So a lot of work will go in into making the campaign.

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Jun 11, 2019
Oral care is so important. My wife and I joke about having some of our teeth pulled just to reduced the time needed. Anything thing that can make if more fun will help.

I'm curious with an App, is a phone needed to be at the sink with a child in order for this product to work?

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