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New Contributor
Jul 4, 2018

I am new to this incredible forum, and I am glad to embark on my journey to the unscripted life.

I'm 33 years old, and 3 years ago I made an important decision. I gave up on my career plans, and quit my Master's degree to pursue online entrepreneurship.

Although I graduated in Environmental Engineering, I never got a job in the field because of many factors including lack of motivation and confidence.

The fact that I decided to emigrate to the UK also complicated things because I added the language barrier to the equation, coupled with my lack of experience.

Anyway, I was always making excuses to avoid the career. So I ended up working in various jobs such as a waiter, bartender, ice cream maker and dishwasher. Great alternatives. LOL

Then, 3 years ago I discovered affiliate marketing and the possibility of making the so-called "passive income" with websites. I was hooked by the possibility of quitting my job and live the internet lifestyle.

I followed one of those courses that will teach you how to build a WordPress site, focus on SEO to get traffic and promote products as an affiliate.

So, I decided to create a site in the "make money online" niche as I didn't have any specific interest. Besides, I was indirectly encouraged the promote the training itself as commissions were recurring and therefore, very tempting.

I created hundreds of honest reviews during this time, always recommending this training, which I thought was the best way for anyone to start making money online.

Eventually, I start making sales, and now I am at $800 - $900 per month. I do this while working at my minimum wage job, so it's a significant relief for my wife and I. We managed to save some money and was even planning to move to a cheaper country.

In the meantime, I was getting more and more experience in my niche.
The problem is, I discovered that most people who buy the training don't make a dime because these days it's incredibly difficult to build an authority niche site and get traffic! People can spend 5 years writing content and end up earning pennies per month.

The training preaches "create an internet business on your passion," neglecting the commandment of need. It also ignores the commandment of control as the main source of income is affiliate marketing.

The problem is, if you do what you love and build a blog about camping, how many sales per month do you have to make to earn a decent income with Amazon Associates?

I realized the astronomical challenge once my site reached 300+ posts, 30,000 visits per month and earned only $ 800/mo. All that with a 50% recurring commission!

So, I thought to myself, how many posts one should write to earn the same amount with Amazon Associates, which pays less than 8% commission (one-time)?

Simply put, you can't do what you love and expect similar results Why? Because you will not create the same type of articles, target the same keywords, promote the same product. Unless you want to compete with me side by side. And trust me, there are already many competitors out there pumping 7 2,000-word articles per week and turning this business strategy less and less passive. As the years go by, it's more and more difficult to rank on the first page of Google.

Reading the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted (still listening to the audiobook), made me open my eyes that what I am promoting is not on the customer's best interest.

The ones who are benefiting the most are the owners, of course, who have a legion of marketers and loyal writers.

They say: Build a business with a WordPress site and no product, while I build MY business selling MY product to you. By the way, you can promote the best online business training

The strategy seems to work much better for affiliates who review other companies and products in the MMO niche. But you rarely find successful entrepreneurs in the community who made it in another niche.

Yes, you can find a few individuals, but they are not willing to talk too much about their successes and sites because that means people will copy their ideas and turn into competitors. It's tricky!

They have lots of valuable training, but at the end of the day, it's not an effective strategy for most people. I know that!

Now, naturally, I don't feel like promoting it anymore...

However, I also can't promote better training as now I understood there is no "proven" step by step that can help anyone to succeed.

Also, I can't create my own product since I am not willing to sell the dream If I can't help people effectively achieve them.

Besides, I can't have a review site and recommend my own product. I think I can suggest other people's products, but not mine. It's not ethical!

You don't see any brand reviewing other brands on their website and saying: "look, mine is better!" It's ridiculous!

Review sites should be just that, reviews and not marketing copies to promote your own business.

To sum up, I can't turn my current review site into a Fastlane business.

I am committed to changing the business model of my current site so I can earn some money without having to promote that training. But I am sure my earnings will drop, which painful because I dedicated my last 3 years to this site.
As most of my site is based on reviews of survey panels and "get paid to" platforms, I will link to the best ones in the industry. I think it's the best approach.

Of course, I am also highly committed to creating a product that adds value, build a Fastlane business, work hard and never give up. I will finish the book Unscripted and start the journey.

Thanks for reading and for the opportunity to join!

Kind Regards
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
My books were specifically meant for you. You're grinding a hustle -- great for income, but not a legitimate life-changing activity that might leave a legacy.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the intro.


New Contributor
Jul 4, 2018
Go to Youtube, and check out a channel called Income School. You might be able to find your answer there. I am thinking about buying their 24 months project.
Thanks! They give great tips to build a blog, rank on Google, etc. but It doesn't look fastlane to me. I mean, it's great to earn passive income from content creation, but in my opinion, it's not an effective fastlane to reach $5,000+ per month. According to Demarco's principles, you should create a product first, and that's not how most blogs operate.
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New Contributor
Jul 4, 2018
My books were specifically meant for you. You're grinding a hustle -- great for income, but not a legitimate life-changing activity that might leave a legacy.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the intro.
Thank you so much MJ!
I just finished listening to your second book Unscripted and it's amazing I am not afraid of execution, but coming up with a product that allows me to scale and serve the masses is incredibly challenging. I will keep thinking and I will find something.

All the best!


Bronze Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Feb 4, 2016
United Kingdom
I did a quick skim-read of your initial post and as far as I understand, you want to turn your current business into more of a passive income business.

It'll be painful to try to switch or even to start a completely new project but seen as you're into selling and products etc, have you researched drop shipping? It's mainstream nowadays (or almost mainstream) but if you can pull it off, who knows how much you'll make?

I decided to try my hand at drop shipping and as I'm a web designer/developer, I made my own site and system rather than using Shopify. It actually turned out rather well, not exactly making millions but I'm selling $2 items for $20 and so forth. I guess if you dedicate more time, it's a plausible business to start and opens up a passive income stream, just make sure your suppliers are reliable or you'll be having to make a shit ton of calls whilst trying to handle customer complaints. The best thing I'd say about it is that there's no real hard expense. Just a website, which can be easily home hosted and good communication with all parties involved.

Just my opinion, I have nothing against affiliates and so forth and if I've missed an important detail from your initial post, please do excuse me.

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