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INTRO Brent mused...


Jul 7, 2019
Hey everyone & hey MJ,

Pleased to meet you all. 34yo Englishman here, living in Sydney for the past 9 years with zero intention of returning. My scripted job title is 'Head of Operations' for a software company, but I'm about to be sucked in far deeper by becoming 'General Manager APAC'. I'm running a big risk of settling into this 'comfortable' but ultimately life-numbing situation & I know I can't let that happen.

Complete dissatisfaction & bitterness with trading my time & skillset to line other people's pockets led me to reading Unscripted. Then my FTE led me to start taking action & also joining the forum I'd heard so much about in the book. No idea what to expect from this place, but excited to find out. Also keen to pay it back & see if I can offer some of my own advice to anyone who wants to listen.

Throughout my life I've done things I'm really proud of & most of the scripted folk would view my life as a very good one - they're half right & I'm massively grateful for that part, but it's not the unscripted life that I want for me & my partner. I would say that my major negative personality traits & struggles have always been:
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Playing it safe
  • Action faking
  • Unwillingness to sacrifice

Let's do this...

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