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Breakfast w/ Fortune 100 Division CEO

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Mr. Bazz

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Mar 23, 2019
This past winter, I had the pleasure of speaking with a friend and mentor of mine. We work within in the same company, but at vastly different levels. I am an Analyst and he runs an entire division of a company. Vastly different scopes but similar mindsets, providing for our families, maximizing oneself, and giving back to our communities. I thought some tidbits from our conversation would provide value to the Fast lane Forum.

My friend started his career in the same program that I am currently. He diligently worked his way up the ladder over a ~30 yr career. I believe he portrays many traits (leadership, hard work, resiliency ) that make for success in any endeavor (entrepreneurship , corporate america, etc.). Here are some of our discussion points and his advice:

"if you have the itch, scratch it early and often"
A direct quote. His reasoning, as you grow in age life starts to catch up with you. You get comfortable with the a good life - whatever a good life is for you. And most importantly , when you start making money it's hard to give it up (Aka it gets more difficult to quit your day job).

HIS Fast lane Route
Climb the corporate ladder and capitalize when your at the top.
Being a late 40 year old, his shelf life as a CEO will be for ~10-15 years max. Now that he's made it through the shit to get to the top, its time to cash in and optimize his business. Unfortunately for him, The corporation we work for is liquidating his division. His current job is to run the business , but also sell the business at the best price. Afterwards, he will be a free agent and has to use the skills he's developed to run another business or invest his own capital & resources elsewhere. He will have to pivot to truly capitalize.

Finances & Money
Enjoy the money that you have coming in and realize it is ok to want to create wealth. Use this wealth to your advantage, give back and put it into places where you see the most value. & most importantly at any level of income , live below your means. You can afford anything but you can't afford everything.

My friend is financially independent. He has reached enough in his mind. Both of his kids college educations are paid for & life is good. However, being a high achiever he wants more. He wants to run/create a new business that allows him to be in control and provide to value to the economy. He wants to create jobs for people who are less fortunate and may have had trouble along their paths in life. His mindset has changed from to a service orientated mindset, because he has realized he is the most fulfilled in helping others.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.


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