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  1. S

    Management issues

    I own a 15 year old small business with approximately 4MM in revenue (formerly $5MM just two years ago). We are in the home services and construction subcontracting business. We have approx 25 employees including the two owner partners. We have been in hopes of selling the business in the...
  2. Marco Sander

    I’m a Psychologist helping Entrepreneurs with Mindset Barriers - I give away Free Calls

  3. Antifragile

    CEO corner. Be a Leader: Wozniak was a great musician, Jobs played the orchestra.

    Want to build a 10+ figure business and 9+ figure net worth? Fastest way, maybe the ONLY way is to become a great leader, a great CEO of your company. Steve Wozniak was a great musician. Steve Jobs played the orchestra. It's never too late to be who you might have been. George Elliot. This...
  4. Mr. Bazz

    Breakfast w/ Fortune 100 Division CEO

    This past winter, I had the pleasure of speaking with a friend and mentor of mine. We work within in the same company, but at vastly different levels. I am an Analyst and he runs an entire division of a company. Vastly different scopes but similar mindsets, providing for our families, maximizing...
  5. Longinus

    Your Boss Doesn't Give A Shit About You

    Few months ago I posted some stuff about my work in another thread. TL;DR: the company I work is almost bankrupt, my boss(es) hate my guts because I don't keep my mouth shut, a colleague works almost 25 years here and has very high hopes to become the boss one day. This week I unraveled a...