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Break as a path to success

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Jan 3, 2019
Reading the great thread of Carol Jones, "I Built A Worldwide Business From Broke", I realized that there are several successful people who have broken before achieving success.

In my environment I know a person who went bankrupt twice and on the internet I even see books in this regard, such as "What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars" by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan.

None of us want to go through pain, much less break, but perhaps, as much as we read and try to learn, some lessons are only learned when you hit rock bottom.

Looking at my life, although I try to read every day and learn from the best, I learned the best lessons when I suffered and I doubt I could have learned them in any other way.

And you? Have any of you broken or learned important lessons with suffering?

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Jun 20, 2019
Black Forrest Germany
Failures are great to come back to the ground. When everything goes good, we feel like the king of the world and than its likely to do mistakes. Hard times and failures are the best time to learn and come back bigger and stronger. Little Mistakes wont change you, but really tough times will change how you think about your path. You will change your strategie, mindset or the way of thinking.
I`ve learnt this after loosing over 900k and it took me months to set up a new mindset

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